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  1. Yes, that true. I have a SX30 IS that can take movies at 60fps.. Cool, the problem again, is, the low ISO. I guess you can post one here.
  2. WhAT WOULD BE THE EQUIVALENT FOR THE "Sky-Watcher Evostar ED 80" ON THE CELESTRON LINE OF SCOPES? Sorry, I am not shouting. And, will it fot directly on a CG-4, no adapters?
  3. What do you mean with "you ain't going to get 3-4 degree fields" How much a degree covers? And why a " a fast APO!" would do it? Just need a quick overview to understand the "language"
  4. Phew! So I am right, everything is cool, until I actually receive the parts. Yikes! I hope they send what I need!
  5. They are very good and agree with friend here, love the Orion view, Everything is is sharp focus and the stars are highlighted against the black backdrop. Great? Have you tried timelapses and how do you do them? I have made some still timelapses but doing 20 secs timelapses would take me all night long, say... Taking 400 photos?--? 133 hrs 100?--->33 hrs at the end this would be a very short timelapse Maybe you are talking about 1sec 400 shots----> 7 hrs? Maybel I a rambling.. I know I have done some quick exposure timelapses, takes a lot of shots to do them.:-(
  6. What do you mean "if you keep the focal length short enough" What is short enough?
  7. What else can you tell me? I bought this CG4: MOUNT which is white. I hastily ordered the motor drive from amazon.com. I have no idea if they will be compatible, but amazon has been good on his policy for returned items, so if it does not work, I can return it. I still can cancel. I hurried because my CG4 arrives on Thurdsday and I wanted everything to arrive the same day. Cornelius I think I made a mistake! Someone tell me, please , I did not make the wrong choice. I still have time to cancel the order.
  8. An just by chance I came across this link here for AVISTACK: I downloaded it for when I am ready to use it on my MAC.
  9. Yes, they should be the same , but see how different they look: TELESCOPES & AMAZON The amazon title for the part says in addition: Advanced C4 R, C6 N
  10. I have been looking aground and have found the kit at reasonable prices, though pictures show slightly different pieces depending on supplier. Like telescopes.com, amazon.com. Anyone knows why? Someone said one is for the " older type mount" ... ANY IDEAS? How do I get to know what type of mount I am getting if this has some validity. Maybe the suppliers have chosen to show some pieces and others a different set of pieces, but I am afraid of ordering.
  11. I also use a Mac and I am starting on this. I got Nebulosity and Lynkeos. Haven't used them since i am starting to acquire real state, but Will. There is one link by someone here that takes you to a page with a listing of all astronomy software for windows and macs.
  12. let me interject: Would it make difference if I add a celestron st 80t-A which is f/5, 400mm F.L. To the current c90 MAK, which is f/13 and 1250mm f.l.. OFf course if I had known more before, know I would have one scope worth ~$500, just one.
  13. How easy is it to install the dual motor drive of the CG4? Looked at the drawings & instructions on the Internet and they don't seem too clear!
  14. You made a lot of sense! "DSO's are usually too large for the mak. Planets are too small for apos. Newtonians need collimating and what's the trouble with SCT's, I forget! Nothing is perfect, so relax. Start with smth affordable and see where that takes you scope-wise. That's just my little amount of drivel on a sunday afternoon." That"s my goal! "If you stick to your mak and an ED80, you'll be absolutely fine though, even with a guide scope, should you add one later." I will never buy a heavy mount/telescope combo. I am retired, starting at this hobby at age 65, with arthritis on my bones, on a very humid state, so I do not appreciate heavy things nor cumbersome logistics. All of your comments have been enlightening and closer to my expectations for an "advise". I like to hear different points of views, and select the ones that make better sense to me. People, depending on their pocket, station in life, inclinations, projections of usage, etc make decisions based on what fits in their lifestyle. I intend to enjoy the situation and not be bothered as you say, for the complexities of what is best or better, for there is always a "better" mount or scope lingering in some other thread, which I will read in its due time So, thank you, you have been very helpful and kind. :-)
  15. would have to drive a long way. the only "photography" dealer that has some, has only a few, not many. I think astronomy is not too popular around the southern states!
  16. That site has these problems: I cannot go back to pages with back-arrow/back page; I have to do a new search each time (annoying!) When I do a search on XYZ I get lots of things that are not XYZ. Can't ever find what I 'm looking for Is Not as well organized as this forum
  17. I see! Hum! I am looking into equip I can get from the USA. Many details to consider that one doesn't know. So based on this, Orion Sirius on the sturdiers side or CG5 or Orion Skyview on the low limit from sturdy to less sturdy.
  18. I am getting somewhere definite now with the last two posts added to previous discussions. I guess this is what I didn't want to do; mistakes that cost $$$. Your experience is very valuable to us and is appreciated. I am sorry most of us have to spend money to find out that was not what we wanted. We end up with several scopes, hopefully we can donate to young people so they can start on their own paths into astronomy. My significant other is already raiising one brow. If two are up, I will be in trouble. So, cg5 is the way to go... I am almost positive that this is the equivalent to the HEQ5.. Good they have the same numbers. I cannot order HEQ5 since I think it will come from UK, costing more...I may not be right, though. This is going good.
  19. Walky

    My last stance:)

    My last stance:)
  20. themos I had already found the CG4 in amazon at $249 and several other Orion and Celestron brand, some of which I can add motorized guiding. - CG4 at Amazon for $ 249 - Orion EQ-2 @ $199, to which I can add the EQ-2M drive ($80) - Orion AstroView ($249.99) Equatorial Telescope Mount to which I can add the EQ-3M drive ($139) I think these are my choices, plus de ED80 or slightly better scope. Advise accepted. I suppose you (themos) will vote for the CG4... Better be prepared. --- and iwatkins: Thanks for a positive view of the world of imaging. I liked your photos.
  21. Well, this is much,much better, I like the you can say why they are not good for tracking and not getting into details which I don't need nor want to know. BTW; i had already found the Vixen Polarie on my research, nice piece of equipment. Will go back to review it. Thank you...
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