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  1. No one could believe they were taken with A phone, better that some with DSLR.
  3. Not unless you live in California and find a mountain lion or bear on your patio.
  4. No, I did not have the power and hand controller plugged when I took the picture. I don't leave those on.
  5. OK! I do not intend to do that anyway. Alignment is another momentous event (project). Tonight I will only try to look at Jupiter through the scope and maybe take a picture.
  6. I was visualizing myself throwing everything in the lake,really. No worries then.;-( . Then I was blaming Amazon, I was blaming myself for buying into the hobby, etc.. Poor amazon, they have been really good to me. I feel satisfaction on the assembly of the thing (with your help); and tonight, I may venture with XXX lbs of equipment out of the room, into a place I have already fallen when I went "out to see the stars", slipped and found myself with the back to the soil watching, precisely, the stars, with a scratched knee and unable to stand up. I laughed and laughed. What else could I do?
  7. One last question, though. The instructions say I shoudl not move the slow motion knobs if the motors are engaged. OK, does that mean that I have 1) to disconnect power or (2) mechanically disconnect. I suppose I can disengage teh DEC motor drive by loosening the bright knob (the one showing obove "It's working" on the picture above. (yes?) What about the RA?
  8. It works!!!!! I had no doubt it would. Problems: I (1) did not have the R.A. & DEC levels locked and I (2) had not done the insertion of the RA motor way up and flush to the body of the mount, because I had not loosened up that little thingy that wouldn't let it go through. I saw them both moving and the motors Purrrr! Great, I am ready to go, one additional step completed! You are marvelous guys, no other forum is so good.
  9. I am a complete beginner in astronomy, never had a telescope in my hands. I would welcome visual aids that show the discernible,easy found constellations, as I am supposed to see them in the sky so I can start off on my star-hoping from one of the corners or most important trait, to find whatever I need to find. Turn Left... Is not enough because who really takes the book down to a dark place and tries to follow directions? I think most people take notes and pass the information they take from Turn Left into a sketch that we take with us. It's usually on a piece of paper or a small notebook (I do that). So Turn Left is a Good Read, but at the end of the day, not the proper tool at the field. Commercially, I am thinking laminated papers with glowing stars and connecting dots. Wow! That would be a kill!
  10. It is probably that I did not have the clutch levers engaged. The nylon gear on the DEC motor was engaged to the coppe-like gear and the outer silver cap/knob was tightened. I will try by checking all of these again and use the 8x speed. You all have been very helpful, as always.
  11. Ohhhh¡ i thought that would put a strain on the motors. Will do that next! Btw: the parts were right, no problema there.
  12. THEY ARE BRAND NEW, INSTALLED ON CG4: Dear friends, I installed the drives and took my sweet time to make sure everything was done correctly. Finally I pushed the botton to "N" and pressed the white buttons. Nothing. I have read some other threads on this matter and I have checked the spokes engage, the LEDs light on, interchanged cables... I also imagined they would take some time before they started and pressed for a while. NOTHING MOVES PICTURE 1: FRONT PICTURE 2: DETAIL PICTURE 3: RA MOTOR PICTURE 4: DEC MOTOR
  13. Motor drives installed. LEDs ON, unclutched, but they don't move anything.
  14. Cornelius: I really appreciate the pdf on the EQ-3 installation procedure. The CG4 "instruction manual" is worthless! A shame. I don't think they have engineers trained in procedure making in Celestron. I would believe anyone returning the mount because they cannot install it. Uff! Thanks again, as a contributor to this site, I am sure may persons will be grateful for this.
  15. I got this exactly this week (CG4 and dual motor drive)for my DSLR , but it seems I need some type of adapter for the DSLR. Also, isn't this kind of too much only for a DSLR? The CG4 is really heavy and cumbersome to move.
  16. Walky

    Venus and Jupiter

    From the album: First Attempts at Everything

    Above the house of a neighbor's house. A blue light distortion at top right. These distortions appear only when I use one of my canon l
  17. From the album: First Attempts at Everything

    Taken with Rokinon 8mm, f /3.5
  18. OTA? Well, I looked it up and it seems that it is the tube assembly or in lay terms the "scope". Or is it? Anyway. How can I attach my DSLR to the CG4 mount? I received my CG4 2 days ago and left it there, with the scope (small) on top (?) because... The polar alignment procedure is totally convoluted and unclear just because the seller does not define the parts clearly. Some are defined, some aren't. It seems I can kind of polar align by using the declination knot setup to my location (28), point the instrument due north and select 90 degrees on "the other dial". I may not be correct in this interpretation, I am a first timer on everything here except cameras. There are other methods there. Which is best? what works and doesn't work? Next, I have to say. For my use, the CG4 seems like an overly heavy mount which I don't think I can carry outside everytime(?) i want to use it. I may not even be able to see Polaris form my patio, hidden by houses too close to the mount. Yes, and I bought the GoTo drive, which I have not unboxed until I decide I can polar align well. Then, there is a seemingly complex dial that is never talked about in the process of assembling, polar align or anywhere on the manual. What is that for? As you see many questions -- still many left undefined until I get to the motor drives. Thid CG4 seems to wobble in the junction of the tripod and mount or head. I have only placed the smaller weight since I don't think I need the bigger one. I will take this one step at a time, nor really rushing because nevertheless seeing is not that good now.
  19. This is a very simple connection. What do I need for this connection? CG4 <-----> DSLR
  20. Thanks, I got over myself. Nevertheless, the Celestron people were of no help. Moving on!
  21. Saw this I hace no opinion since i have not sudied the sun, but should be of interest to Sun observers and imagers. =http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQ7RaOMHb5I&feature=player_embedded So, keep and eye on this if you will!
  22. Great! NOW I saw the links, which are well done, superb! congratulations.
  23. But will that mean we should want shorter focal ratios, meaning wider views and less mag?
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