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    Jupiter Or Venus

    From the album: First Attempts at Everything

    Photographed Oct 29. 2013
  2. I took these photos today thinking that the brightest star in the sky had to be Venus, but after seeing what seems a moon I wonder. I live in Florida and was looking NW. I know Venus does not have a moon. Could it be a star beyond Venus? I don't think I could see a moon of Jupiter with my camera, which is my other explanation... I was using a 18-70 lens on a T2i @ 70mm. So I leave it to your kindness to help me identify what I photographed tonight. That should be no problem for you guys! It's been a year since I look at the sky, so my total confusion.
  3. From the album: First Attempts at Everything

    My first M42. I think I used a 135/200mm lens on a NEX 5N. Not sure.

    © NYPalomo

  4. That settles it, THANK YOU STEVE! You put me at ease!
  5. Doesn't seem to be. They just got out tonight, shot and posted. Mine shows Jupiter on the west, theirs on the east. No gimmicks .
  6. It may have a simple answer but I don't know it. So I hope someone can clarify this to me. I took a picture tonight of the Moon and Jupiter and Jupiter is at the left. Then I went to a photography forum and there wee two other posted who have Jupiter at the right of the moon. I am in Florida and one of the other persons is in Lafayette, Indiana. I don't know about the location of the secondone. Is this possible?
  7. Still can't find teh precise place. I go to my COntent, NO. To My Galler, neither! I just want to delet not-so-good photos and can't!!! HELP! Might need something like Go to "My Gallery" > XYZ > HERE! I went to "options" to the right of my photo where I thought I would find "DELETE", that is the logical place to me... Nothing.
  8. Thank yFou swag, I miss that we are not Alerted of replies my mail. Sorry for being let acknowledging your answer.
  9. I cannot remove photos from my galleries. I would expect the "remove" option to be on "Options" but it is nowhere to be seen. Am I missing some link? Help!
  10. Or you could just hire someone to shoot the moon. Just buy that footage if you don't want to complicat eyour life. You can find people here that could do it.
  11. Still bad weather. Plagued by stormy weather; several tropical disturbances in my future right now. Have a polarie I canot test drive, new Manfrotto tripod and heads and cannot do a thing.
  12. LOL, here is a good translation! Paula is a summary level meter, compass and inclinometer "was not likely" design. When you take a picture with the star Kei, can be a (simple installation) using the polar alignment pole Polaris is not visible even if the meter "(WT) Porarie tripod starry sky". It is also possible such as a camera attached to the accessory shoe. <Patent pending> Got it!
  13. What is the "image train"? I thought that what moved was the aditament where the camera mounts on the Polarie. Sorry. Now I get it.
  14. I asked the suppliers about weight and several other things and they "don't know" . I found that answer unsatisfactory so I don't think I will order from them. Weight is essential since it rides on the Polarie. No info so far, I will ask Polarie.
  15. So, for a newbie on all things AP, does this little thing let me align with Polaris even if I cannot see it? I have that problem from my patio and I would like that very much. I mean, if i don't even hve to look through the small hole I can dig that. Just if it does that it is worth the expense. Sorry guys, explain to the newbie, non tech apprentice.
  16. And thanks for the photos! A real help!
  17. That is exactly what I need! I found the item for $11 and & $8. Pricey! Also, why is it that manfrotto does not specify what sue are these things? Some people like me don't know. I would have been better off buying a non manfrotto ball head for the top part. --- which I found for $39. At amazon after I saw it at Flickr. It's a Velbon and goes straight into the 1/4 connection of the Polarie. I could have saved myself some money. Thanks a lot!
  18. what is this?

  19. what you are referring to is good, no problem with that. What I have is: The Irst ball head --the 410 gear head-- to which the Polarie is attached . Then I have to attach another ball head on top of the Polarie "connecting ring" (yellow ring on drawing) which has a size screw that does not fit the female portion of the 498RC2 (second ball head required). There is the problem. The second ball head and Polarie ring do not match. The female threaded hole on the 2nd ball head is too big for the screw on the Polaire ring.
  20. Has anyone tried this polar meter on a Vixen Polarie ? Does it eliminate the need to look for Polaris once everything else is done correctly? I quote From the ad: Easy 3 Step Set Up: * Set altitude scale to your location * Point the Polar Meter toward North * Level the meter so that the bubble is centered * Polaris is viewed through Polarie's Polar view End of quote. The only problem I see is the added weight.
  21. I ordered a Polarie with 498Rc2 and 410 manfrottos. I only need some kind of adapter for the 498Rc2 to be able to hook up with the Polarie. Anyone knows what that is?
  22. I haven't done much since the last post due to my lack of a steady tripod to place my MAK C90. After much researching and reading I have since acquired a setup for a newly acquired Polarie that will serve as well to support the MAK. It was sliding down from my photographic tripod, since I never used the CG4 (too heavy and cumbersome to take out to a humid, damp and wavy patio). I would rather work with my Manfrotto tripod and ball heads which is a an easier to move setup. If the weather is merciful I will someday post some MAK and wide field photos with Polarie.
  23. I have not been able to sell the CG4 mount due to the fact that I require the buyer to pick it up. So this is a call for offers for people in Orlando, Florida. I just ordered a Polarie, which is exactly (except GOTO) what I need for my purposes and current lenses. Is there a possibility of some GOTO? Computer aided? How? NOTE: i don't think this post belongs here, my mistake.
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