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  1. I dont want to spend much. I want a setup to take photos of the Horse nebula and maybe one or two other interesting things. No ore. Then off to other type of photography.
  2. Apparently not available in USA. Could I mount it on a MAnfrotto tripod? What do I need to mount it on a tripod? http://www.365astronomy.com/ts-apo65q-65mm-f65-quadruplet-astrograph-44mm-field-diameter-p-2553.html
  3. Thank you for the follow up, I was really worried about the identity of my "Venus" Now to wait for better wide views of the night sky.
  4. I failed to say I was shooting through a window and probably that spec of light was indeed a reflection. No spec appeared tonight when I shot outside. No mosquitoes! Hurrah! Here they are: http://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/album/2814-venus-october-30-2013/
  5. Walky

    Venus, October 30, 2013

    i took these images with my new 70-200 L (f4) and the Sigma 17-70 (f 2.8) now that I have better skies. The 17-70 was bought a few weeks ago to see if I can get a single good photo of the MWay although I know with all the LP we have it is going to be difficult. In the meantime, until I get to that goal, here is Venus. Most of the photos are cropped although not at the same degree. Setting in manual, changing almost always the exposure, ISO almost always 200. Exposures from 0.5 sec to 15 sec.
  6. They were taken at evening, roughly around 7PM ET in Orlando, Florida. I am not that much into AP as to wake up early in the morning for photos.
  7. Apparently, the bigger file (one in the middle) gets re-sized when uploaded so it looses its resolution. Let's try this again.
  8. Here is the thing. The lens is f/2.8, though it is 18-70, so it provides quite a good resolution. I think 70mm is quite good for that unless you want only one spot on a dark sky, which I was trying to avoid by using only 70mm. IMO, they look better with a few stars around. Anyway.... I am uploading the biggest size that I have from yesternight (?) so you can enlarge them 100% if you wish. I can use a max of 280 tonight using a Canon L f/4 lens. I don't like this one for astrophotography because of the F/4, but will do. Also have a 75-300 that can go 420 with extender (can do well, too).
  9. The moon is my identifier or avatar. I posted a file that is on PNG format, I think it is not compatible with the site. CAnnot find how to edit the entry! The thing is, the planet has another dot close to it, so it cannot be Venus, I think.
  10. Walky

    First Attempts at Everything

    Wide Field Tests
  11. I took these photos today thinking that the brightest star in the sky had to be Venus, but after seeing what seems a moon I wonder. I live in Florida and was looking NW. I know Venus does not have a moon. Could it be a star beyond Venus? I don't think I could see a moon of Jupiter with my camera, which is my other explanation... I was using a 18-70 lens on a T2i @ 70mm. So I leave it to your kindness to help me identify what I photographed tonight. That should be no problem for you guys! It's been a year since I look at the sky, so my total confusion.
  12. That settles it, THANK YOU STEVE! You put me at ease!
  13. Doesn't seem to be. They just got out tonight, shot and posted. Mine shows Jupiter on the west, theirs on the east. No gimmicks .
  14. It may have a simple answer but I don't know it. So I hope someone can clarify this to me. I took a picture tonight of the Moon and Jupiter and Jupiter is at the left. Then I went to a photography forum and there wee two other posted who have Jupiter at the right of the moon. I am in Florida and one of the other persons is in Lafayette, Indiana. I don't know about the location of the secondone. Is this possible?
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