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  1. Still haven't seen Saturn Should easier to find from my garden soon though, as long as it's clear obviously. Jupiter is the obvious one, though for me my first good look at the moon through the 200 Dob and first seeing a satellite pass across my field of vision were the real (out loud) 'Wow' moments. I've spent hours just looking at the moon. It never gets old.
  2. The first night I used my 8" dob it wasn't cool at all. I was in a rush to catch Jupiter before it disappeared behind buildings. I could still see it and 2 bands but it was a good bit blurrier than when the scope is cooled.
  3. Haha maybe these aliens are from a mirror universe.
  4. Mine arrived today as well. Next door neighbour was p***ing himself laughing as it was wheeled in. Slightly annoyed about the clouds as it was meant to arrive yesterday when it was clear. Them's the breaks though.
  5. Watching Stargazing Live seems like an eternity - mirror.co.uk This chap wasn't impressed!
  6. Matt 82


    Twitter sources saying it won't be, sadly.
  7. I spent a month in China last year. The smog is crazy at times. This picture was taken from a skyscraper in Shanghai.
  8. Just out of interest, how much did the eyepieces sell for?
  9. Don't think I'll ever properly get my head round the size of some (or any, tbh) of the things out there.
  10. I can personally recommend the Skywatcher 76mm mini Dobsonian Heritage. I bought one a couple of weeks back and it's great. Ideal for a 7 year old. It certainly won't give you detailed views of the planets but you can see Jupiter pretty clearly and see the moons. Where I think it would be ideally suited for your daughter is the size and ease of use. It's the kind of thing she could be left to do herself (not suggesting your daughter is a little madam, but they like to do things on their own at that age) without your assistance and can be moved and stored easily. If you're going for a family scope, then I would go bigger though. While the mini dob is a great wee scope, it's not a long term investment. Here it is to get a look at the size:
  11. When I said change it to something else, I meant what Reggie suggested, not that you could literally just try making a new logo. Sorry for not being to clear.
  12. You can change it to something else. Wouldn't know how to do that though.
  13. I wouldn't criticise Brian Cox or anyone else for mocking Astrology. I mock astrology every time the subject comes up tbf. Cox can come across like he has an axe to grind at times though. Whether it's pseudo-science, Mayans or the cancellation of the Apollo program, if the chance comes up to give it a mention, you can bet he mentions it. I'm guessing he's sick to death of getting questions about the end of the world mind you so I don't really blame him.
  14. 3.8 million viewers according to Dara O'Briain. I enjoyed it. I do think it could have been planned a bit better though. They knew the moon wouldn't be out so why spend so much time on it? Could've been saved for tonight or tomorrow IMO.
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