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  1. Thanks for the comments as this target has been on my wish list to image for a while it is a bit small but interesting to see. Bob
  2. Thanks for the bit tweak of the back ground I wasn't happy with it and that seems a bit better trouble is when looking at on the screen while processing it is hard to see little colour errors. Bob
  3. I imaged this target on 18-09-2012 with my Celestron 280 mm scope at F6.3 and captured 30 x 8 minute subs I had to bin an hours worth of subs as I started to image the target when it was a bit low down and with this scope being on a wedge the first subs showed egg shaped stars as the target got higher they improved even at F6.3 the FL is 1754 mm so it can be a challenge. Bob
  4. Sorry forgot to attach file it's an age thing. Bob
  5. I imaged this small target with my Celestron 280 mm CPC at F10 over two nights on 14-08-2012 captured 12 x 10 minute subs and on 16-09-2012 managed 13 x 10 minute subs this image is the combined data with calibration frames applied taken with my QHY8 Pro camera I found this background a bit difficult to process. Bob
  6. It is a nice target sometimes called The wizard it's the first time I have imaged it. Bob
  7. It turned out better than other attempts at combining Ha and RGB data I have tried in the past the Ha makes a difference to the detail that comes out.
  8. This is my first attempt at combining Ha and RGB data using layers in PS I have used IP before but was never happy with the results any comments welcome Ha data captured on 30-08-2012 - 9 x 10 minute subs and RGB on 11-09-2012 - 24 x 7 minute subs Scope WO 90 mm on a EQ6 with EQMOD and a OSC camera a QHY8 Pro with a UHC-S filter. Bob
  9. I imaged this on 18-08-2010 through gaps in the clouds and a 60% Moon up then I got clouded out after 102 minutes of 6 minute subs Celestron 280 mm CPC at F 6.3 with my 400D modded DSLR with a UHC-S filter at ISO 800 would have liked a better night but !!! thanks for looking. Bob
  10. Thanks for the comments and I was pleased with the result but I would have liked more than 42 minutes of subs this August has not been kind to the imagers here in the UK but September might be better !!!
  11. I managed to image M27 on Sunday night for 42 minutes of 6 minute subs before the clouds closed in for the night would have liked more data but thats our weather. 15-08-2010 scope 280 mm Celestron CPC at F 6.3 camera canon 400D modded UHC-S filter flats and darks calibrated Thanks for looking Bob
  12. Hi Olly and Paul thanks for the comments regarding flats but I did calibrate this image with 30 flats taken with a LP light board and the histogram was 50 % on the camera readout I have tried creating a master flat average stacked in Nebulosity and another master in DSS with a median stack both of these masters remove the dust marks but do not correct all of the vignetting any advice would be helpful. Cheers Bob
  13. Thanks for the helpful comments and maybe next year I will progress up to a one shot colour ccd Cheers Bob
  14. Thanks Mark for the nice comments and it was a good clear steady night so I was lucky for a change hope you get a chance at it shortly Cheers Bob
  15. Had a go at imaging the Bubble on Monday night the first time this summer that I had dark enough sky's to try imaging with Celestron CPC 280 mm at F 6.3 a 400D modded camera ISO 800 UHC-S filter 25 x 6 and 3 x 10 min subs Nebulosity 2 DSS PHD and PSC3 Thanks for looking. Cheers Bob
  16. It is a spectacular sight in an eyepiece
  17. I imaged this sub on Thursday Morning the 53% Moon didn't help it was my first time imaging at F10 with my Celestron 280 mm CPC scope and I managed to capture 3 hours of 10 minute subs at ISO 1600 with my 400D modded camera with a UHC-S filter this sub looked better than the stacked 3 hours I think with the Moon out and then Sun rise and a high ISO the didn't help the stack. This sub had little processing with no darks or flats subtracted. Bob
  18. I tried to image NGC 4565 last night with poor seeing and I was unable to get more than 7 x 10 minute subs as the mist rolled in I would have liked to have captured more subs for the image is a bit noisy but it was still nice to get out imaging I used my 11" Celestron CPC at F 6.3 and a modded 400D with a UHC-S filter captured in Nebulosity 2 and DSS and PSSC3 Cheers Bob
  19. Hi Pete A very nice image with loads of detail it's a bit of a challenge to get this image I will have to give it a go soon was this at F 6.3 ? Bob
  20. Hi John Thanks for the kind remarks and I cannot wait to have a shot at some more Galaxy's with this scope at 1764 mm FL at F 6.3 and when I get a few more under my belt I am going to have a go at F 10 at 2800 mm if the guiding holds up. Cheers Bob
  21. Thanks Mark a bit of work still to do. Bob
  22. Hi John Thanks for your comments I found this one a challenge to process I dont know why but I did have a job to pull the Galaxy out of the background. Cheers Bob
  23. Hi Daz Fair comment on M51 but I sometimes get carried away with the processing as when data is good you just cant stop. Cheers Bob
  24. Hi Daz and Mike Thanks for the comments and I will add to this data but I have some more targets in mind at the moment as I can image m81 anytime. Cheers Bob
  25. I captured this image of M81 on 02-03-2010 this being the first one with my new imaging set up a Celestron 11" CPC I only got 7 x 10 minute frames before a large moon came up with a 400D modded camera. Cheers Bob
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