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  1. Hi Martin I always use ISO 800 as it seems to be the best for me at my location I tend to choose targets to the East and South which are over the North sea which is at the bottom of my garden and has a dark sky. cheers Bob
  2. Hi Damian this image is only the third one since I had the 400D modded and I am pleased with the colours that are now there in the processed data. cheers Bob
  3. Imaged on Sunday and Monday nights and combined the 10 minute subs a total of 2 hrs 10 minutes WO apo 90 F 6.9 UHC-S filter camera 400D modded EQ6 EQMOD image capture Nebulosity 2 guided with PHD stacked with DSS processed in PS I think 10 min sub's are just ok from my backyard site for LP cheers Bob
  4. Best M78 I have seen the dusty Nebula has come out in this processed image and the star colour is very good M78 is a neglected target for the would be Orion imagers and will now be on my list as a must try image Well worth the imaging time. Bob
  5. Hi Blinky I had problems uploading the image as the file was to big so I resized it and posted another thread ( trying to get used to this sites requirements ) Cheers Bob
  6. Hi all I just posted a thread and was unable to upload the image due to the size limit having another go Cheers Bob
  7. Hi All Another M42 but my first time guiding. Imaged in back yard on 10-12-09 used Nebulosity 2 and 400d mod with a UHC-S filter 10x15 sec,10x30,5x60,21x360 subs calb darks and flats EQ6,EQMOD scope WO 90 apo guided QHY5, PHD processed in DSS and a little in PS. Cheers Bob
  8. Thanks steveL for the feedback I will see how the dew sheld helps Cheers Bob
  9. I am busy at the moment setting up my Celestron 11" CPC scope in my new observatory and last night trying to get my polar alignment right noticed that even with my scope tube dew heater on from half to full power it still only cleared the outside of the corrector lens and left dew in the centre of the corrector I have got a flexable dew shield but with me only setting things up did not bother to fit it. Do you think this would solve the dew problem and give me more imaging time when I get the system up and running or would I have to use my 12 volt hairdryer ? cheers Bob
  10. Well worth the effort to set up at that time of night love the colour of the stars and the size of them the colour of Nebula is also natural looking overal spot on ! BS
  11. Hi All Thanks for the feedback I just started imaging with the 400D un-modded last year and found it a good foundation for this year with the mod I also started to use Nebulosity to focus and capture images on the laptop and I think that has helped me also.Hope to get the guiding going next time and maybe increase the subs exposures. cheers BS
  12. Hi White Dwarf I am looking forward to the Orion season and I have little LP East and South as I live looking over the North sea thanks for the comments. BS
  13. I tried M45 as a mosaic trial target but due to clouds and problems with guiding was unable to get a second image but I thought that the new mod to my 400D seemed to help with the nebulosity WO 90 13 x 5 min subs unguided ISO 800 captured and processed with Nebulosity and PS
  14. I checked on line and have ordered up some A4 sheet size for 99p each thanks for the help. Bob
  15. Hi all I am looking to buy a plastic defuser sheet to fit in the light box I am making for taking flats any idea where to buy it from in England. Bob
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