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  1. This is a peculiar dwarf galaxy one of the companion galaxies of M101 the Pinwheel galaxy has strongly distorted the disc of this galaxy.

    Imaged over two nights 26-03-20 / 11-04-20  both nights were poor as there was high cloud around.

    Luminance of 21 x 300

    RGB of 6 x 300 each

    all binned 2 x 2

    scope Celestron 11"

    camera QHY9m



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  2. I imaged this before Alan with a shorter FL as part of Markarian’s chain they looked interesting so I had a go with my 11” scope FL of 1764 mm with focal reducer in line I had to crop this image to use some Luminance from last year as the cameras were not well orientated I liked my image better from this year but it Was noisier with only having 15 x300 of Luminance.


  3. Imaged over two nights 29-04-19 / 19-03-20 still a bit noisy had to crop the image as last years camera orientation not a good match.

    Luminance of 35 x 300

    RGB of 6 x 300 each

    all binned 2 x 2

    Celestron 11" scope at F 6.3

    QHY9m camera



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  4. Thanks Wim I have thought about imaging this dwarf galaxy for years but it didn’t look that good when I looked at the images on the Web but I was surprised at the detail in it when I imaged it. I am sure you it will be worth you while to give it a go.


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  5. Imaged over three nights old RGB from 2015 of 11 x 420 + 9 x 600

    Luminance imaged on 15-01-20 of 8 x 300 un binned

    Scope WO 90

    QHY9m and QHY8 Pro cameras



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  6. I have had problems loading this image so here it again this is the cropped version .

    Imaged over two nights 01/03-19

    Luminance of 11 x 600 un binned

    RGB of 5 x 300 each binned 2 x 2

    WO 90 scope

    QHY9m camera




    CV_Vdb 1 LRGB+7+crop.JPG

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