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  1. Excellent! My partner emailed last night and they got in touch today, to organise to collect and drop off on a day of our choice/convenience Thumbs up for Telescope House Shame about the weather though, I've yet to see pannstars! Sent from a Galaxy S 2 far away.
  2. Thanks that's good to know. What would give away bad collimation? Would the image look like 2 images overlapping? I've been out of term with the tech speak for a while Sent from a Galaxy S 2 far away.
  3. My partner bought me some Revelation 20x80 binoculars for my birthday last week. I've had my first chance to use them tonight with the sky now clear and they will not focus the focus wheel will continuously turn in one direction and not do anything, even if you turn it the other way it only goes half a turn. For example....if I turn it 5 rotations clockwise, its only rotates half a turn anti clockwise. I was so excited too They're from telescope house...but I'm worried because I never kept the cardboard box they came in. I never assumed they wouldn't work so I unpacked them...gazed in awe a
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I will have a go at setting it up in daylight and take note of the settings for correct colour I use sharpcap for imaging. My webcam is a life cam...no independant gain control but its integrated with the brightness settings. While I'm here...what is more beneficial to planet imaging...exposure or gain? I noticed with more gain/brightness I got a dirtier image initially, but it came out with more detail with regiatax, whereas a longer exposure gave a smoother rounded gentle image but gave much less detail after stacking. Have I just answered my own question? Sen
  5. Thanks, I'll try turn it up next time. I think I must have turned various colour settings down so it didn't come back the wrong colour...which in turn lead it to come out with no colour Is there anything I could use in gimp to try and pull out some colour without it looking g like a mess? Sent from a Galaxy S 2 far away.
  6. I missed an "a" out of dead.... Embarrassing
  7. Yesterday i managed to get Jupiter with my 60mm refracter. I know i'm never going to get images as good as some on here, but all i want to do for now is try and get some colour on these images. I just don't know how I filmed in cololur, but i'm guessing my aperture is holding it back and the webcam was not set up very well colour wise. The only thing i know how to do is drag RGB sliders about and i'm having no luck Am i wasting my time? Should i just be happy with them in near monochrome?
  8. Would an ir/UV filter help? Sent from a Galaxy S 2 far away.
  9. You just taught me something I never knew I neve realised any star in the sky had such a drastic movement like that. Going to have to read up on it. Nice work Sent from a Galaxy S 2 far away.
  10. Nice they both remind me of my first (and only) Saturn.! Quite an experience, and by coincidence the last time I could use my scope too (April). I hope you guys don't suffer the same curse as me after imaging it hehe. These 2 are about best I could manage....not as sharp or clear as the ones from you guys though Btw aenima....nice avatar haha. Saturn2x-No2G.bmp SaturnMono.bmp
  11. http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime/mpeg/ Go down to the bottom and look at the C3 combo mpeg...venus getting closer to the sun and passing infront of what i gather is pluto. Theres also some crazy coronal spray (sorry i forget the correct term) from the top right of the sun. Quite an amazing piece of footage! Sent from a Galaxy S 2 far away.
  12. Monki

    First moon

    That looks pretty darn cool! Something about the darkness makes it surreal in a weird way :S Sent from a Galaxy S 2 far away.
  13. Im sorry...break ups are never easy. I always lived under the impression that relationahips were like disney films until my first ..ouch. Now im cynical. Keeping yourself occupied is the key to being happy again though. That said, i appreciate how you have lost interest in star gazing. Many things in your life will just seem irrelevent or unimportant right now, but that feeling will pass. Keep the scope....a few months from now (hopefully sooner ) when the heartche goes you will want to enjoy being single again. THEN you can start using the 200p! I also bet that the feelings associated with t
  14. A cricket bag! Well...for smaller stuff anyway My scope goes in a box in the main compartment along side my tripod with bubble wrap, then the rest of the stuff...mount, webcam, eyepieces, diagonals, nexstar handset n bits n bobs go in other compartments! Lug it over the shoulder and away I go I think the cricket bag idea could work on something only up to around a 130 reflector though. Edit: Ganymede12 you have the same idea Not sent from a Galaxy S2 on Slim ICS.
  15. Bloomin annoying ain't it! I can only suggest you check a few comparisons on the net and stick to what is the most popular, or which ever you think looks the best. I guess sometimes the shapes may be different but the essential base stars stay the same...if you can get use to the most common brightest stars in each constellation then at least you can build up knowledge of their location, then you can eventually pick the easiest stick man shape that's visible for you. As you go you'll settle on certain shapes I'm sure. I've finally seen Hercules as an upside down conehead (hehe) rather then a
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