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  1. Chipping Norton CNAAG seem very good - I have been to their events quite a few times over the last year and they have been very helpful with advice etc. They are doing an event at Rollright Stones next weekend - fantastic spot for viewing. It's a Stargazing live event so the details should be on the website or google CNAAG.
  2. I know, I was determined to try it out at twilight so I still had a visual on what I was doing with the finder. Jupiter was going in and out of eyesight view, but the scope could still see it. But - now it's completely cloudy - typical
  3. Siriusmeg

    new person

    Hello and welcome from another newbie - what a fab new hobby this is.
  4. I have just spent the afternoon balancing the eq mount as detailed on a tutorial on this site - and suddenly it all seems much easier to use so that was time well spent. We've just been out looking at Jupiter again & could see 3 moons and some banding across the surface of Jupiter - well, I was impressed! i think I might be getting the hang of the red dot finder too, though it will still probably be replaced at some stage.
  5. Really interested to read these comments as I just got one of these for Christmas too. And yes so far I have found the red dot finder nigh on impossible to use so I am so relieved to read that it isn't just me being dim! so far we've had some fantastic views of the Moon and Jupiter - looking forward to far more as I get used to it.
  6. Hello and welcome from another Oxfordshire newbie - there seem to be quite a few of us around!
  7. So as many others here, I got a telescope for Christmas! A very welcome present after getting hooked by Stargazing Live last year. Now all I need to do is learn how to use it efficiently... what a great place to start - there's so much helpful advice here. Thank you in advance
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