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  1. Thanks for this - really helped in tracking it down tonight. Rather larger than I was expecting! We also found our first hedgehog foraging in the garden - hope he's staying around, daughter has now named him Jacques
  2. Is it visible in 10x50s? It's behind the house at the mo, and I can't go too far cos the kids are sleeping - could venture a bit up the road with the bins though.
  3. Hello and welcome from me too - it's all pretty mind-blowing really Try M13 globular cluster in Hercules - how many stars...
  4. A rare coincidence - a 'day off' with beautiful sunshine all day Spent mine strawberry picking with my children
  5. Hello and welcome from me too. Enjoy your new scope - that was my first scope too, fond memories
  6. Siriusmeg


    Hello and welcome from me too - enjoy your new scope
  7. Hello and welcome from me too - enjoy your scope
  8. Hello Jimmy & welcome from me too Get your kids to have a look too, never too young to get them started!
  9. Siriusmeg


    Hello and welcome from me too - here's hoping for clear skies
  10. Siriusmeg

    Noob Alert!

    Hello and welcome from me too - enjoy your new scope
  11. That's a beautiful image - and it expresses your feelings beautifully too. So sorry to hear of your losses.
  12. Certainly is visible - but as others have said, it's best under a dark sky, and around the solstice it doesn't ever get really dark round here. Give it a few weeks at least, then get out to a rural/dark spot. Chipping Norton amateur astronomy group (CNAAG) observe from the Rollright Stones just north of Chippy, and it is easily visible from there.
  13. That's a fab sketch - what a fun thing to do together My girls love sketching the Moon when that's around early enough (ie not past bedtime) - you've started him into a lifelong hobby now
  14. There's quite a bounce on that as it slews! Still at least you could build a more substantial mount from scratch
  15. I have a 150 dob and it is easy enough to move around - but it is a bit awkward. Definitely easier if you can separate the two bits, I guess you could then carry the OTA under one arm and the base by the handle in the other hand. Wouldn't want to go too far though!
  16. Siriusmeg

    HI All

    Hello and welcome from me too - enjoy your new scope
  17. Hello and welcome from me too - looks like you have a great setup there
  18. Tracing paper, lots of tracing paper....just gets fuzzier though Think i'll stick to the white pen/pencils on black
  19. Your sketches are brilliant - following this thread has inspired me to make a start on sketching too. Now that's my kind of imaging - looking forward to your next projects.
  20. Counterweights do definitely sound like a good idea - have to hold it up when observing Saturn! Love my Telrad - I have different bases fitted to my scopes so I can use the Telrad no matter which scope is out. Limited places to fit it on the flextube but it does sit nicely next to the finderscope.
  21. I move the 6" in one piece, mainly because I can and it's a faff to make 2 journeys (lazy!). The 10" I definitely move in 2 pieces, mainly because it's heavier, but also because it's wider and I worry about bashing it on the door frame. Great to read your reports, we bought the 10"/250 flextube secondhand a little while ago, so learning alongside you
  22. Hello and welcome from a fellow teacher - I'm sure your students will really enjoy getting to grips with this project (hopefully you will too ). If they are anything like my lot, they will have lots of ideas for research projects themselves too - this could be the start of something big
  23. Siriusmeg

    hi from wolvo

    Hello and welcome from me too - enjoy your new scope
  24. Hello and welcome from me too. Enjoy your new scope - on a clear night, it will be worth every penny
  25. Hello and welcome from me too - enjoy your new scope
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