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  1. That's a beautiful image This might be a dim question from a white light solar observer - was the prom really that large? It looks enormous!!
  2. Great to hear your enthusiasm, and that you are all getting involved
  3. Those are beautiful images!! Only saw it through eclipse glasses and solar filter, so those give a really different view. Beautiful
  4. Great resources Helen, thank you so much! We will be using the observing sheets and the graphing activities. Sarah
  5. Thanks!! We have to do them for so many activities at school...
  6. solar eclipse risk assessment.docx I am attaching the risk assessment prepared for my school - draft at this stage. Hope this is of some help.
  7. That's a really useful information sheet, thanks.
  8. The Charlie Bates Solar astronomy project gave us lots of solar glasses at the IAS last year as we told them about our group's solar observing events. They don't sell them on their website but might be able to help if you contact them. Really nice people
  9. These sound like great ideas - planning on doing something similar myself I haven't yet found a source of cheap glasses - will let you know if anything turns up
  10. At a public event a while ago, my youngest (that's her in the pic) was highly indignant "Why do we have to bring my telescope to show people? That little girl just licked it!!" We now use the sacrificial skywatcher 100mm ep when demonstrating inside to avoid further damage.
  11. Our best one... taking 2 scopes and daughter out to do her homework project on astronomy - very difficult to do without any finderscopes
  12. Good work Alex!! Too cold for me to face the airfield last night, and too much work to do - back to school tomorrow See you soon XX
  13. Hello and welcome from me too Orion nebula was the first object I looked at through a scope and I was blown away - at that stage I had no idea such things existed Bought my own scope shortly after, and the rest is history.
  14. I fitted a simple (& cheap) red dot finder to mine - the telrad looked a bit big for me on this scope (I do have one fitted to the bigger scopes.) The RDF is a vast improvement
  15. Is that the impact craters activity where you drop objects into flour and paint? Kids at my astro club love this - it's one of their favourites. Looks good in photos too
  16. Hello and welcome from me too - I started out with an astromaster too, and once you get used to it, it really is a good scope. (My avatar pic is my daughter using ours at the 2012 transit of Venus!) Do find the links on here (pinned in the getting started section) to balancing the scope and aligning the finder - it will make a world of difference. I do have to say that I found the finder very difficult to use and upgraded to a simple red dot finder pretty quickly - that might help you find the Moon again Lastly, I remember well the first few times out with the scope, discovering that actually it's all harder than it looks - it's a steep learning curve but stick with it, you are starting in the right place - lots of helpful advice on this site
  17. The stargazing live website has lots of fun activities and information aimed at children - I have used these a lot with kids. Try the event pack here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/teachers/stargazinglive/
  18. I agree - his sketches were my inspiration when I took up sketching
  19. Yes that is the only downside - really nice EPs. My favourite is the 12mm, it gives really clear contrasty views with enough magnification for many purposes. I do end up using the red torch to tell them apart though, especially when my daughters are observing with me - we share eps and I can never track down the right one
  20. Just seen it (for the first time ) - thanks for the advice. Tricky to spot at first as it was so much dimmer!
  21. Great to hear you are enjoying it so much!! Now your child has one so that you can both observe at the same time...we are up to 4 scopes
  22. Love the idea of being the school astronomy nerd!! One of my kids asked today "Are we doing astronomy this afternoon then?" Great to link it in when we can
  23. I'd be really interested in any of your resources too Helen - I will be getting my primary school out to see it. We were discussing it yesterday and the kids are really excited - hoping for clear skies now!
  24. Craghoppers fleece lined walking trousers - thick and warm but easy to move in When it's really cold I wear cotton thermals underneath too. My daughter has just got ski trousers from Mountain warehouse & she says they are very warm - but they are noisy when you move!
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