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  1. hopefully I can just struggle throughout the first month, but I definitely cant mess up my work course, I have exams every other day on that. Proper diagnosing cancer stuff it is, if I screen one slide. Incorrectly it's immediate fail but being realistic I not sure I could cope with both during October
  2. I was in selside Cumbria last night and by 1am I could see the milky way quite nicely. The cottage where we're holidaying has the milky way in the front garden, and the owner couldnt care less. That's tragic
  3. Certainly will and you'd be very welcome to come out with us Generally we get out as and when we can, some of. Us work nights, some of us are shattered working and chasing toddlers around and so it can be hit n miss when we'd actually get out. We tend to stay around some good places in Witney or go to the rollrightstones in chippy for special nights.
  4. Leave her there to enjoy the terrible music by herself!! Come to Witney and come out with the Witney crew! We're nearly all prog heads
  5. Im up here (kendal) on hols for a week, armed with all me gear and I can't get a clear sky for love nor money. Would have been great to get out with you all.
  6. I may well be deferring this course for a year, there's a strong possibility that October will see me on a 4 week residential course on gynae cytology, I could never manage both
  7. I'm up for having a go at imaging some of it, or whatever I can see.
  8. heheh he look's like he's wearing a big sombrero
  9. Thats really fantastic! (I am sat in the academic library at work, and people are walking past me and staring at the screen, gasping, then carrying on about their business)
  10. A nice idea, one I have been researching myself recently. I havent gotten very far though, but I did think about maybe buying a stack of the UV stars and trying to do it myself. But that's as far as I've got.
  11. got chartered today :)

    1. MikeWilson


      Congratulations :)

    2. NoelinLiverpool
  12. That's cracking Mel, nicely done. This is my effort. Very windy so there was a lot of movement, but at least managed to get something.
  13. Anything to do with the 'near miss', that was expected?
  14. Oh of course, I can see it now.I hear a lot a work. I must say, it does made me chuckle that the most appropriate word for an astro forum has been filtered. The clouds gods are running this filter I bet!!
  15. sanmatt

    Astro pics

    Remember I am very new to astrophotography and quite rubbish at photoshop.
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