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  1. If I may ask a question that probably sounds dumb to the massive talents on this forum, but how on earth did you get rid of the Light Pollution? I'm using the older Canon 450D and I've had some good shots but I tried a similar shot to yours a few nights agoa with M81 & M82, using 100 x subs at 15 secs at ISO 400. I've got data obviously but no matter what I do with it, it looks noisy. Do you use the 2d Drizzle options in DSS? My laptop needs a memory upgrade before I can explore that option and I need to develop some photo editing skills so any pointers would also be welcomed! Clear skies.
  2. Couldn't agree with you more Steve. The media creation tool is the best way to migrate to W10. Got my installation time down to just under 90 mins now.
  3. Sorry if I'm going off thread here a little but can I ask on a scale of 1 to 10 how would users who have upgraded from W7 to W10 rate the overall experience? Personally I have an old laptop with W7 Pro 64 bit and it works great. I appreciate that at some point Windows will always update to something new but I'm stuck at that point of being happy with something that works and that I "understand" to making an update to something that is potentially going to need a gazillion updates. Basically is it worth it if you don't have a high spec machine?
  4. I just use the BBC Weather App. I find it surprisingly accurate over 2-3 days.
  5. Thanks JNY - I'd like to keep my Batman Days behind me and settle for some astro fun!
  6. Hi Charl Not yet! Basically I have a very simple video camera that I bought when my first child was born (about 6 years ago). Its a JVC Everio and I've never figured out how I might attach it to a scope. I've got a couple of old web cams that I might see if I can mod but I quite like using the old DSLR as I know its capable of taking a more than reasonable image. The only thing it lacks is a video capture mode! I've had a look at some of your pics and they look amasing. So much clarity and detail. I guess the extra frames help? Does it take a long time to process video through Registax? I think I need to upgrade the RAM on my laptop as I'm struggling with just the 4 gigs. Ever since I stuck a camera on the end of a scope we seem to have had more of the dreaded clouds than when I just observed with eyeball to eyepiece! Clear skies.
  7. Thanks for that! Smaller size and jpeg format, hopefully this comes out.
  8. Hi Peter - I thought I was! Still trying to get to grips with everything...
  9. RAW files from the Canon and then good old fashioned stacking. Just over 100 x using PIPP and then Registax.
  10. Moon 2015 b.tifThis is my first serious attempt at the Moon. I didn't get to finish my run or do any noise reduction frames as my neighbour's garage was being broken into as I was shooting! By the time I had dealt with that I wasn't really in the mood any longer but its whetted the whistle to try again.
  11. Hi Happy-Kat I used a prime focus method e.g. Remove lens from DSLR, attached a T-ring adaptor to camera body and then used this to attach to the threaded eyepiece barrel on my 200P OTA. Before I attach the camera I visually sight the scope onto the target, add the camera and then use the Live feed setting on the Camera through the ATP software to manually focus everything. I'm very green to all of this and its a pain to focus everything manually, its damn difficult seeing DSO's through Live feed and even more difficult through the Camera view finder directly. I realize that the data is good even if you cannot "see" a great deal in each image. The joy of the reveal post stack was genuinely thrilling for me! I guess I'll cast my nets wide and just knuckle down and see what I can do. Thanks for the heads up on GIMP. I'll check it out.
  12. Many thanks - starting down the path of something I've always dreamed of doing.
  13. Hi - I just wanted to share my first ever astro image. I am completely new to this and I'm the first to admit that I have a lot to learn. Personally I am delighted to have just been able to produce an image! I'm completely hooked now as well!!! Used the incredable APT freeware (never ceases to amase me what some software developers are prepared to do for free - fantastic software and I will be buying a single user license!) to control the camera. 150 x frames at ISO 400. 10 second exposures with 3 second pause breaks between exposures. Stacked in DSS. Post processing done with Canon Freeware Image Browser EX (dont have any Photoshop style software - yet!). Still buzzing despite the lack of sleep! Clear skies to you all. Kevin M57 - Ring Nebula_1_1_2.tif
  14. Hi Steve Must admit your message made me go all the way to brown alert there and thanks to John for sending some links. I was about to contact FLO for some advise this morning when I stumbled upon this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTM3-SHwAbY Made sense as the 200P is supposed to be easy to connect to a DSLR but I couldn't quite make the connections. Sorry for any panic - I should have described it as the connecting eyepiece barrel rather than a threaded eyepiece. Thanks for the warning though!
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