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  1. I thought something like this might crop up eventually. Although it was quite exciting to think that we might have to have a complete overhaul of our understanding of space-time...and to be honest, I'm sure that we still will do at some point...there is still much that we don't understand, but it would be a very bland world if we understood everything there was to know
  2. Are the 2" version filters still on order?
  3. First Light Optics - Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian yes it does
  4. definitely not a "portable" scope the scope itself isn't actually that heavy, but it's massive...i've seen backpack style carriers for scopes, but i think even with a custom made carrier/backpack type thing, you'd have to be about 8 feet tall to pull it off....then there's the base, which is pretty hefty... i carry mine out to the garden, built up, and that's hard enough...and it's literally just outside through the patio door
  5. there's that astronomy shed guy on youtube astronomyshed's Channel - YouTube some down to earth practical tips and advice there
  6. i'm thinking of doing the same, but probably not until i buy a dew hester system. should be fine if i point the scope downwards when not in use and then turn the dew strips on when i want to use the scope?
  7. was searching for andromeda, and when i found it (quite faint, but definitely there all there same), i was observing it for around 20 minutes, then suddenly an object that looked like a small bright orange star shot accross my view. definitely not a plane, and nothing could be seen with the naked eye when i looked up. i saw a similar object in my finder scope about a week or so ago, was just lining up jupiter and i saw a bright orange object shooting accross the sky.....this one literally went from the west all the way accross to the south east of the sky, over around 15-20 seconds. am i right in thinking these are meteors? they didn't seem to have the typical "tail" that i'd expect from a comet (not that i've seen one in my scope yet....to my knowledge), and i'm fairly certain they were not planes, they were not visable to the naked eye, and had not flashing lights ha ha, just a bright orange coloures object. bit confused only because i've seen shooting stars with the naked eye, and they always seem to be bright white or sometimes slight blue tint and are there and gone within a second....
  8. brilliant video...think it was his collimation video i saw about a week ago too. very helpful thanks. ordered the baader kit from FLO and a blower/lenspen/cloth/solution kit for £6.99 off amazon hopefully that'll do the trick
  9. what about this? First Light Optics - Celestron Lens Pen i was under the impression that touching the lenses....with anything....is generally a bad idea? microfibre cloths are one thing, but, a brush??? won't that be quite abbrasive?
  10. ok, good to know that i can safely clean them i actually took the opposite idea and used a clean hoover nozzle to suck it off :s seemed to do the trick....but will invest in a blower and the baader cleaning equipment. when you say "manual", do you mean like a bellow?
  11. i know that when it comes to cleaning, the mirrors are a no no....but what about eyepieces? Having just received my brand new sparkling William Optics 6mm piece, you can imagine the horror on my face when 2 dirty great black blobs appeared on the moon....and one smaller, but equally frustrating blob above them....at first i wasn't sure if it was the eyepiece or the mirrors, but rotating the eyepiece revealed it to be the culprit. upon inspection, the top section (where you actually put your eye to) had a fairly substatial piece of dust on it...may have been my dry skin (i can see this bing a big problem, as it's something i have always suffered with unfortunately).... obviously, i know not to touch the lenses, or use any standard cloth etc...but is there anything i should be using the keep the lenses clean? I keep the caps on when they're not being used by the way, and then put all my eyepieces into a foam-cut-out-padded box. to show how big the impact was on myviewing i've attached a dodgy pic of the moon taken with my phone....
  12. just like to add my reccommendation to the william optics eyepieces. I now have (thanks to an accumulation of birthday funds and payday), their 2" 33mm eyepiece for fantastic wide views, and their 1.25" 6mm for planetary observations. Managed to get a quick look at jupiter last night before it started raining, and it was very pleasing just received a skywatcher light pollution filter (while i'm waiting for the baader neodymium), so i'll try that tonight or tomorrow (weather permitting) which should make things even better
  13. tell me about it....looke prefect when i put the scope out at half 5ish, got a few glimpses of the moon and jupiter with my new William Optics eyepieces that arrived today....then suddenly, blanket clouds....fingers crossed it might clear.....forecast was for clear skies all night :s ::EDIT:: and here's the rain think it's gonna be a movie night rather than gazing....by the time it's stopped raining, my scope has cleared from being brought back inside, then cooled again....be time for bed good forecasts for the weekend though (when I don't have to worry about waking up for work in the morning, so can quite happily stay up all night )
  14. I'm gonna say "Postcards from iO" by Charlene Soraia, taken from her debut album "Moonchild".
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