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  1. You`ll have fun with that beastie!!! :hello1: PC
  2. It took me a while to pick my jaw up of the floor!!!! PC
  3. Great shot Pete!! Was this taken from the UK? Its a hard target form here!!! PC
  4. Hello, Nothing exciting just a test shot to get to grips with my VC focus. 30x30 secs (unguided) PC
  5. Wonderful for only 15 sces subs, hope you sort it soon!!! PC
  6. Its near dead centre Ron and its in Cygnus. Fantastic again Eddie!! POTW again, i wouldn`t be surprised!! PC
  7. Had a ggod night then Sam? :hello1: I had mine out last night, globs mostly actually picked up M4 from here first time ever!!! Still dim though must be the low altitude, never mangaged it with the 12"!!! The views through this scope are simlpy staggering, glad i kept mine now oh and my starhopping seems to be improving although M10 and M12 eluded me.... PC
  8. Very nice, makes a change to see a drawing, a nice very change!!! 8) PC
  9. Its tempting me (GRAS) but i`m with Centroid on this, it wouldn`t be "my" image. Part of astronomy for me is the frustrating part where you can`t find a guide star, guiding don`t work etc etc!!! One of the reasons i bought the 16" was to take a "step back" from the technical side and just go back to basics....... i do want to see how the VC fairs as a "planetary and lunar" scope though... PC
  10. Micro focuser never heard it called that before!!! These things are breeding!!!! Thats 2 in as many days are we being invaded? :laughing2: PC
  11. Very nice, garden looks great aswell!! Fancy doing mine it s a tip!!! Alan
  12. And i thought my Hyperions were big!!! Fancy a swap Roy!!!? :laughing3: PC
  13. The wheels rock!!! It really does make such a differnce to have a permanent (as permanent as a rented house can be) setup!!! PC
  14. Hello, Thought you might like to see what i have hiding at the bottom of my garden... PC VC200L (with reducer) OO astrograph 150 f4 ST80 16" Light Bridge HX916 (arriving this week) QH5Y Canon 300d (modded) EQ6 synscan 12 x 10 roll off roof.
  15. They look nice but i`m sorry to play devils advocate i just prefer the Meade Light Bridge scopes (happy 16" owner). If Meade sorted the poor base they would be unbeatable IMHO... PC
  16. I`ve got the Astronomic LRGB filters and love them. You get what you pay for in this hobby. Ok there not Astrodons but i`ve always been happy with mine!!! PC
  17. If its the usual WO quality you`ll have some fun with that!!! PC
  18. Pretty good going for about 18 mins worth of exp!!! I had a go myself and only managed to get 25 mins!!! Guiding and an EOS filter do make alot of difference!!! Not that my image would prove it!!! PC
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