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  1. I for one will be up all night if it is, i`ve waited blumming long enough!!! What phase is the moon in? Completely lost track!!! Might be an idea to try out my new Ha filter for the 300d!!! PC
  2. Your having a blast with the 16" Sam!!!! Can`t remember the last time i got mine out!!!! blumming british summer time!!!! PC
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys.... PC
  4. Hello, Taken the same night as the M33 image. Same setup as M33 shot 12x5 mins @ ISO 800.http://www.flickr.com/photos/29265806@N04/2742097107/sizes/l/ PC
  5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/29265806@N04/2734902142/ PC
  6. Good stuff TJ, must try this with my 300d!!! PC
  7. Very nice TJ, only 20 mins!!!? 8) PC
  8. Great evening here last night so i had a bash at the "big 2" ie M33 and M31. Pretty pleased with this. 11x5 mins with Orion Optics foto newt (150mm f4) and modded 300d. Not worth posting a small jpeg so here is a bigger version!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/29265806@N04/2733717458/ PC
  9. :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: your work with the HX is truly inspiring Mike!!! PC
  10. Looks and sounds terrible, whatever will you do with yourself!!!? :hello1: So it REALLY is as good as everyone says then? PC
  11. I remember the first night i got my guiding sorted it felt fantastic!!! Your imaging can only get better now, longer subs are the way to go!!! Well done, not a bad image tbh either!!! PC
  12. Hello, Had to wait a bit last night for the skies to clear but at 1am they did!!! So this is my attempt (a first for this object) at the NAN, well most of it. 15X5 mins @ iso400. Stacked in DSS with flat field and dark subtraction. Curves and Levels in PS CS3 and one or two of Noels actions. I seem to have lost the star colours and tbh i`ve no idea how to get them back but on the whole i`m happy with this.... PC
  13. Hello, NGC281 (Pacman neb) taken with my Orion Optics 150mm f4 astrograph and modded 300d. 7x5 mins at iso 400. Cloud stopped play!!!! :x PC
  14. I`ll be bringing it to Kelling if anyone fancies a butchers through it... PC
  15. I`ve actually had this since March but the astrozap light shroud and light shield plus a 24mm Hyperion are from Steve @ FLO in trade for my DMK.... :hello1: PC
  16. Considering the conditions (ie how bleedin low it is) you`ve got a great image!!! Wish i`d kept my C8 would love to have seen what i could have got with it!!! Alan
  17. You must have been up very early or stayed up very late to see M45!!!!! You`ve seen 2 of the best bino objects in the sky IMHO :hello1: PC
  18. Glad to hear everythings ok Roy, the Ring is fantastic in my 16" god knows what it looks like through a 20" er!!!! Get shot of the car and get a cheap estate. To make the most out of a dob that big you really need to get somewhere DARK!!! I`m taking my 16" to Kelling can`t wait to see how it performs there!!! PC
  19. I thought 10 mins was pretty good!!! 30 min subs!!!!! You imaging god you!!! PC
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