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Plastic chicken

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  1. Nicely processed!!!! Great looking image!!! PC
  2. Can`t believe this was taken with a DSLR!!!!! :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: PC
  3. Stop nitpicking Rob it was ok as it was!!!!!! :cheers: PC
  4. POTW again? It gets my vote!!!!!! :lol: PC :bootyshake:
  5. Your right it does look like an oil painting now you mention it!!! Gorgeous!!!! PC
  6. Very nice David, get well soon... PC
  7. Magnificent Mike!!!!!!! Can`t wait to get my 250px up and running!!!!!! PC
  8. Unfortunately Ian this was one of the first in the country!!!! :crybaby: PC
  9. Hello All....... I have a problem. Tonight my motor control board in my EQ6 Synscan mount failed quite badly (burnt out capaictor amonst other bits on the board!!!). Anyone have any Idea where I can buy a new board ? I've sent an email to OVL to see if they can help, but you folks might also know.. Cheers all... PC :crybaby: Typical, best night of the year, moon out of the way relativly early and on a weekend!!!! :crybaby:
  10. Just had a quick play in Photoshop mate, well i ain`t got a working mount atm so i need something to do!!! PC
  11. Great image mate, atleast you have a working mount!!!! :crybaby: PC
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys. Yes i hope to get the colour at some point.... PC
  13. Great image Olly!!!! Don`t see this one too often.... PC
  14. Hello, First light for my newly aquired Borg 77ED. 24x10 mins with the ART285 6nm Ha filter and said Borg. Guided via Guidemaster using my ZS66SD and QH5Y. Processed with Maxim Photoshop and Neat Image. Hope you like it.... PC
  15. Fantastic result Ben, what scope and ccd was this with? PC
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