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    Rc helicopters, Fishing for carp, aerial photography , man lifting with kites , wildlife photography , karate , cycling
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    Vendee-south west coast of France
  1. I think that bins are very personal as I find some give me eye strain where as others don't , if you have a chance have a test drive first otherwise you could regret your upgrade. I have had a set of 10x50s bag opticrons for the last twenty years and they are still fantastic for me. I was lucky enough to choose them doing side by side tests with some very good brands and found that they were the best for me ,lucky as at £400 they were half the price as some others! Good luck with your choice but I would always always have a test view first. Hope this helps Paul
  2. Lovely image, on a rainy day I feel so much better just by looking at it. Well done.
  3. Love this image, very dramatic and so enjoyable to look at. One to go on the wall ! Well done!!
  4. I have used one of these torches over the last eighteen months (not for astronomy far too bright) and it has been fantastic, the best torch I have ever had by far!! However I don't believe that it will do the job of a laser pointer. Hope this helps
  5. Fantastic image especially for only 8 minutes , just love Hyperstar images especially in combination with the 14" scope and looking forward to many more from that photon sucking combination. Well done Paul
  6. What a fantastic image, I think you may have started a gold rush for the 130pds. Well done !! Paul
  7. Wow, I didn't know there was a tail. I love this image and is worth all the hard work, well done! Probably a stupid question Olly but being so faint how did you know the tail even existed? Paul
  8. Great image and I love the colours and the detail. Well done Paul
  9. Lovely image , looking forward to seeing what else you can do with this lovely little scope. Paul
  10. Love to add a frame and put it on the wall !! Fantastic Paul
  11. I did things the other way round, after moving to Frace and buying on old farm the dark skies gave such a stunning view of the milky way that it just forced me into astronomy. Unfortunately you can only do things this way round once. Good luck with your search Paul
  12. Lovely image and it does have the look of a sun flower. Well done !! Paul
  13. Love the colour of this great image Paul
  14. Fantastic image, so many stars !! Paul
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