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  1. That would be a good idea wouldn't it... Haha I'll get on it now And quite frankly I just would love to be able to view things deep in space... astrophotography is something that may just creep in one day...
  2. How far is Kensington from Sheffield?
  3. I was out on the moor in the peak district just trying to observe the milky way... and I heard something growl.... I couldn't see a thing. I have never ran so fast in my LIFE, and I was terrified in the car until I reached street lights as I kept thinking I was seeing something in my mirrors....
  4. Well I'm hoping to get one for my 21st and the budget has been set at £1000, I want to be able to see nebulae and galaxies.... And maybe even learn to begin astrophotography one day...
  5. So I've been looking at telescopes, and I was just wondering... what's the difference between reflectors and refractors? And which are best?
  6. I'm on the boundary of many farmers fields, and on the outskirt of a town. The light pollution could be better but it could also be a lot worse. I often enjoy going into the garden to stargaze and attempt to take photos, but I have a pressing issues. 2 doors down there is a house that at night CONSTANTLY has a very bright garden light on, from 4/5 pm to 6/7/8am... Not even starting on the fact that it is a complete waste of electricity, but it is also thoroughly annoying when I can't see a thing due to it... Is there anything that can be done other than talking to them and asking them to turn
  7. So I was driving home tonight and saw a HUGE very bright shooting star streak right across the horizon downwards. I was wondering is that space/mars probe or any other events occuring currently? It was in the north horizon:eek:
  8. Thanks ever so much for everyones advice so far! It's greatly appreciated and certainly is helping
  9. Thanks guys I didn't realise it was going to be so... expensive Unfortunately my university doesn't have a society But it's something I can maybe dream of in the future Does anyone happen to know of anywhere in the UK you can go to look through proper telescopes etc?... Seeing as I won't be able to really afford one myself just yet..
  10. So basically, I'm into my photography I have a Canon 7D, and have recently become quite facinated by astrophotography ( I was before but I couldn't afford a telescope ) My situation has changed now to the point where I can afford one, and would greatly appreciate some advice on a telescope that isn't too complicated but at the same time can be great for deep space viewing and astrophotography I'd say my budget is around £250-300 but anything below this will obviously be great as I'm a student and every little helps! I've had a look at a couple of explorers but past focal length, F stops &a
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