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  1. As the moon is currently an excellent reference point for finding Jupiter, I thought I'd try to find it during the day (Jupiter, that is, not the moon!) and, lo and behold, I can just make it out, even in full daylight. My question is, what have you seen during full daylight, with or without a scope or bins? And no 'goto' cheating!!! And dont look at the Sun!!!
  2. And if you wanted something more challenging for a 90mak, try Polaris and its baby brother or try Rigel, which despite being virtually gone until winter now, is nevertheless a hard test for a 90 (it was for my eyes anyway).
  3. If you're around Camer Park, try Harvel village green or, even better, Vigo Rugby club field. Just buy a beer or a coffee before they close up for the evening; they will appreciate the free security.
  4. Hi Folks Clear sky, near max elongation, sun just set......get out and see Mercury NOW!!! Its strange that I get a kick out of finding a little pinprick of light out there, but I guess theres plenty more like me out there>
  5. One for all you budding software geniuses... Got the bug, bought the scope, has loads of fun so far, but thought that linking a PC to the scope using NSOL would be my next move. I have purchased all the correct leads to connect my lappy to my Nexstar SLT (needed a USB adapter as lappy doesnt have the correct port), installed the driver, installed the software, did a quick alignment, plugged them all together then ran the program and......nothing. Ive tried different comm ports, Ive installed it all on my desktop.....nothing. Then I noticed in the pdf manual, the set up tab is supposed to ask y
  6. I have a Celestron scope also and have never been able to do a 3 star alignment. Done all the usual things, but for whatever reason it always comes back alignment failed. The first time I tried setting up my Celestron, I had exactly the same problem. After much deliberation, I realised that the date input is done American style i.e 5th December is 12/05/11, whereas to me in the UK it is 05/12/11, so my scope thought it was 12th May!
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