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  1. Fntastic image congratulations , I am only now getting to grips with the whole world of imaging so this is inspirational. Clear skies to all Jim R
  2. JimRymer


    MY NEW SET UP FINALLY SET UP!! Astro Shed sorted and all prepped for a good nights viewing, now all I need is a good clear night ....dream on...... Now just to figure out how it all plugs in....Um.......IMG_1964.CR2 IMG_1953.CR2 IMG_1958.CR2
  3. Wow now that is a serious set up !! Congratulations -Is there anything in particular that you are going to focus on excuse the pun! Regards Jim R
  4. Looks like its going to be a fantastic set up, well done. Your far more handy than I could ever manage to be! What scope are you going to use ? I am in Norfolk, and often get out to Lowestoft the sky there is special good viewing and clear skies. regards Jim
  5. Having been away from the night sky observing, my wife was ill and I was nursing her back to health.  I am now once again ready to embrace the old English nights and wonders of the Universe. 

    Exploring the astro-shed (man cave with telescopes) and lots of bits of cable for some bizarre reason unknown to me. Hoping to  get every thing ready in time for a clear sky ..... OK hoping there will be a clear sky after I dust off the gear and get it all set up. I will post pictures of the set up when I get it all sorted..


    Good sky's to all and clear viewing.   

  6. HI Tony a warm welcome I am also a new ish member and am discovering the joy of spending far too much time and money on stuff that's seldom used because of the clouds but hay ho it keeps me honest and hopeful ...I look forward to your posts as I have a number of refractors and would love to learn more about them and what next to consider purchasing. All the best and clear skies Jim.
  7. Simply amazing so crisp and clean images, perfect. I love the moon, it is a majestic Lady and you have captured her beauty and splender, thank you for sharing these shots with us.
  8. Beautiful what a great Job, something to be proud of. Well done, it inspires me to go out and give it a try!!
  9. Thanks Brantuk, I have tried it and yes it works!!! Now to get the mount to point in the right direction ...I think I added both savings time and UT time as well at +1 I think it should be savings time and UT set at 0000 as I am in Norfolk UK ?
  10. Just purchased one and looking forward to next week and the dark sight viewing OH Joy Oh Joy. Any Idea will it take an Altair Astro 110 ED Apo ?
  11. JimRymer


    My first effort at capturing the moon
  12. Love the shots better than I have done great results well done, I love the second picture fab detail.
  13. Beautiful, you have captured a real gem here, I love it great work regards Jim R.
  14. What a beautiful picture congrats, I have the same scope on order, so excited and looking forward to picking it up very soon, Keep up the great photos regards Jim R.
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