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  1. Hi and welcome I'm also in the southside of Glasgow. Tried to arrange a Glasgow meet a couple of months back but the clouds knew what we were up to and refused to budge
  2. Hi all Any idea wherei can get the plastic covers that go on the bottom of the eyepiece. I have managed to lose a couple and also want one for the webcam to heep the dust out. Done a search on a well known auction site and FLO but can't seem to find what i'm after. Cheers
  3. Nice one. Personally Jupiter is my favourite planet to view with the 4 moons always differently lined up from the last viewing.
  4. Thanks all. How heavy is a HEQ5? Sorry for all the questions but a grand is a lot of money so want to get it right. Are there any other suggestions for a setup that will allow visual and some AP for arounf the same price?
  5. I should point out that visually it is fine without barlow. Only with a webcam i need to barlow to obtain focus
  6. What i find happens when i put a webcame on the OTA is i do not get focus. Seems others have also had this issue with the dob and the way to rectify this is to use a barlow.
  7. Paul one of the reasons for another OTA is currently i have to use a barlow to get focus. I was hoping to get a shorter tobe so i have the opention of a barlow. I quite like i look of this setup but i don't know much about the mounts. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200pds-heq5-pro.html
  8. I was planning on sticking it on ebay and getting myself a new setup.
  9. Hi all I've had my Skywatcher 200p dob for over a year now and have been thinking of upgrading/replacing. Initially i wanted to but he Skywatcher 200P on the EQ5 but the advice from here was to go for the dob so i did. What i am is after is an all rounder scope that i could use planetary and deep space. I have managed to do some photography using a webcam and want to do a bit more. So heres what i am thinking The OTA 's i'm thinking of are http://www.firstligh...00p-ds-ota.html http://www.firstligh...-newtonian.html But are these good for visual viewing as well? Plan is to sit the OTA on a HEQ6 Pro Also is there anything else you would recommend instead of this setup? Budget is about £1k give or take
  10. Weather is looking good so far. How about a meet in Barrhead for good viewing
  11. This Friday's forecast is looking good. Lets aim for then and try to get as many from here as possible. I want to see the carpark full of telescopes!
  12. Can't do Wednesday but I see they have another event in February that I may try and get along to.
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