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  1. A sad loss. He was an inspiration to us all. R I P
  2. Slight modification to the torch... May I suggest one of the handle wind-up rechargeable led torches? No more dead batteries to worry about. Ian
  3. STOP PRESS! Yesterday I visited High25 and bought his very reasonable priced 'scope! I'm all ready to go now with the following: C8-N Celestron Advanced newtonian reflector OTA CG-5 EQ mount and tripod counter weights etc 9X50 Finder with bracket - A1 condition 2" AND 1.25" eye piece adaptors Tube rings 1x long dove tail 1x short dovetail 20mm 1.25" celestron plossl ep 3x Barlow The motor drive will follow and the camera mount is the post. I think the photography can soon begin! So then, question for all the experienced photographers - have I forgotten anything? I want to thank High25 for his
  4. Thank you Roy - That was well timed. Yes, I will certainly come along. I look forward to seeing a few setups and speaking to you and other SGL'ers. regards Ian
  5. Hi again, Many thanks to you all for your welcomes. I'm grateful for all your comments and suggestions. Lots of sound advice to help me in the right direction. A trip to my local Astro Society seems the best way forward. Do any of you at SGL belong to a society near St. Albans, Herts? regards Ian
  6. Hi Ant, Thanks for the prompt info. I have got a Nikon 10 mega pixel DSLR so I would need a threaded adaptor etc. Its getting the 'scope to track correctly for time exposures I'm worried about. All suggestions very gratefully accepted. BTW I forgot to mention I live in St. Albans Herts. regards Ian
  7. Evening everyone. Ive finally been bitten by the bug and would like to start looking at the stars through my own telescope. I hope you can help me take my first steps and educate me in this interesting subject. My question is this: I am a complete novice looking to buy my first telescope and would ask for your suggestions bearing in mind I want to photograph the planets and constellations. My budget? I reckon around £300-£400ish to begin with. Perhaps I should be asking what a decent photography 'scope would cost. So, That's my long winded intro. I look forward to getting to know you and learn
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