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  1. I saw it but after picture I do not know how to attach it to scope. I need another adapter?
  2. Thx Davey but I think I do not need an 1,25” adapter. This is my status now, and I need an OAG to attach all together
  3. I need to adapt an Lodestar guiding camera to an OAG and I do not know the best model for my goal. I have T2 female to C-mount male adapter, so ..... It has to be this way: Camera (T2 mount) ->OAG ->TS Field Flattner -> WO Megrez 90mm and Lodestar -> T2-Cmount adapter -> OAG Any advice is appreciated. Thx!
  4. I had the inspiration to get out on the night of 11 august, because on 12 august were clouds.
  5. thx! I made another version
  6. thank you guys, thx for advices
  7. 2,2 hours, GM1000HPS, WO Megrez 90mm, JTW Ultimate 600Dac, guided with PHD2 and Loadestar ©sabinfota.ro
  8. sabin_fota


    Images from Romania
  9. @ Whichwayisnorth I had the opportunity to test an 1000 HPS and I made for them an quick review : http://10micron.de/informations/customer_reviews/sabin-fota-2/?lang=en. They change the hand control unit. I actually intend to buy one.
  10. I tried to get the 3D effect in the center of nebula. Thx for your comments!
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