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  1. OK So I called a place in Tunbridge Wells and they had a chat After some discussions I have found that my mirror has become dislodged from backing plate I think I need to visit the shop to let them have a look Thanks again for everyone's help
  2. Thanks to all for the replies [removed word] knows what I have done but I cant see naff out of the telescope now. Not sure if something has come loose inside but when I look through the telescope I cannot see anything-even if I point it at a light. When moving it up and down I can hear something rattling round??? Can anyone advise on where I can take it in the Essex area to have it looked at? Also after taking it off its base I have found out it is an ETX 80
  3. Hello everyone I have just been given a Meade Telescope with an Autostar remote control device. I have a couple of questions that I need help with please. As far as I can understand I have to position the telescope so when I select an object to view via the autostar it sets itself in motion from a particular recognised position. Can some one advise me if this is correct and if so please give advice on how I get the telescope in the correct position to begin with? Also I have a small switch on the side of the telescope that I believe is a Barlow lens. To my understanding this Barlow lens increases any object 2 times. However when I move this switch the view goes completely blurry and I am unable to fine tune any image in what so ever? I believe the Telescope I have been given is a Meade EXT-70AT Many thanks for any information that can be given Cheers
  4. Hello All I have just bought a Meade ETX-80AT with Autostar I have read the booklet and tried to get the autostar to find me some intersting items. However when I click align the Telescope goes through some configuration and seems to find the constellation it was looking for. The telescope then says its slewing and starts to make a noise like my mother in law is stuck in the boot of my car and does not move around any more. When I first set the scope up I set the direction to north and set the angle at 0 degrees. Am I doing everything right? I have made sure the locks are secure but not too tight Any advice or help would be good-thanks
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