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  1. I think you'd have to buy one first
  2. Oh, I don't wanna do this anymore, I'm tired... lemme sleep... No. Wait. That's lassitude, sorry Arthur
  3. The SAS get out to Derwent Water rather a lot Dom, maybe MoonPlodger will let you know when they're off next ... Arthur PS - mind you, they may all be at weddings/birthday parties/etc. this weekend
  4. The ccd in the 1024x board (JG mod) is 0.001 lux... Arthur
  5. Yup - modding the EQ6 tripod to fit the HEQ5 is OK, but not the other way. Not that you would want to. Arthur
  6. All true Jamie. I was merely saying that the ad in itself was not suspicious... just because a seller wants to sell something expensive as their first item is not grounds to call them dodgy. OK, in *this* case he more than likely was, but that's not the point. If you want to spend lots of pennies on something it would (to me) make sense to go look at the thing before spending. Therefore no loss to potential buyers, scam fails. If someone is mad enough to post off large wads of money to someone like this (in fact to anyone) on the basis of an eBay sale then they really do deserve all they get if they are bitten - especially as eBay scams are widely known/publicised. Whatever, it likely was a scam so this is all irrelevant now (other than to serve as some sort of "look before you jump" warning to new eBayers). Arthur
  7. Makes no difference to my point - this is a "pay when you get the thing in your hand" item, so the con seems pointless unless somebody was stupid enpough to post of a wad of cash. In which case it serves them right. Arthur
  8. Another option is to post the pics and let everyone try!
  9. True, but to be honest that sort of money would be collection only though. Caveat Emptor is correct, given the way of the world today I suspect most people would want to see what they are buying first. But to pillory someone just because his first sale is something expensive is not fair. What if it was a car... average family saloon, about £4000. Would the same alarm bells ring? Arthur
  10. Oh. Did somebody make up some new rules then? Must've missed them. Arthur
  11. Caz is right. Also they have pretty much admitted that there is an issue by this offer so it's up to them to sort this. arthur
  12. Yup - at USB2.0 speed and nothing else happening. I can't get 15 fps umcompressed on my USB2 if I want to save the images though, OK for streaming but not disk access as well. Arthur PS - what's a 4mp lens then?
  13. Well, I reckon you should go back and read the smallprint there. Look at the framerates. That 4mp is almost certainly software-interpolated and at best I suspect you are looking at a 1.3mp camera. A CMOS one at that.
  14. Could the supplied mounts not be drilled for the single hole? Arthur
  15. ... but the Alt bolts need the floppy bit (well, one does) because of the proximity to the polar scope? Arthur
  16. Actually - what's wrong with the standard bolts ?
  17. Oh. Right then. I may see what I can do this afternoon then. Stainless OK? Arthur
  18. I know, I know, but I use a single beam 5mw red laser on the big scope (wonderful, made it myself from a gunsight). Getting the secondary lined up with the focuser is the important first step. There's no reason why you cannot mark the centre with a permanent marker - you won't see that bit in the EP anyway. This will help immensely if, for exazmple, your primary clips are not visible like WH's. Anyway, once the secondary is in line with the focuser it really is rather simple to get the primary right. Do you want my old 1.25" laser? Arthur
  19. hi there your c6 has an fl of 750mm. Maximum mag is a misnomer really as you will rarely have seeing (clear enough skies) to tkae advantage of it. To calculate the magnification you simply divide the fl by the size of the eyepiece. The c6 comes with a 20mm eyepiec so 750/20=37.5x. So, to get the maximum quoted magnification (354x) you are going to need a perfect night (once every couple of years) and a 2mm eyepiece. Or a 4mm and a 2x barlow (amplifying adapter). Or an 8mm and a 4x barlow. Max mag is not what you are after anyway, rather you need as much light-gathering capability as possible - so the more inches the better. Arthur
  20. Mind your back the Gordon, at least get a test drive befor you buy - they are rather low down for the taller astronomer Arthur
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