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  1. ... maybe. I've yet to have the main mirror dew up on me but the secondary has, hairdryer sorted that OK. I think direct on optical surfaces is a nono but don't ditch them just for that. you can always heat up your tube from the side and get the same effect. Might take a couple of minutes longer but it *will* get rid of the dew. Anyone that even *considers* directly blowing hot air onto cold optical surfaces should go back to their physics classes! (Or go an watch the tailend of Terminator III :D )


  2. I think it's the other way around - imaging in colour (planets) will always require an IR block as the ccd is too sensitive at this wavelength and your colours will be all over the place as the software tries to make sense of the bayer matrix that's been messed up by the IR hitting the chip.


  3. It's odd that the IR pass is becoming more used when you consider that they mess up ccd images a bit but if you stop to think about it you will see why... IR is away at the end of the visible spectrum and up there seeing effects have less effect on images. If you could image *just* in IR you would increase your numer of good imaging nights quite significantly. Might get some odd piccies though :D


  4. Oh boy am I going to be in trouble next time the beast goes out to play... It happened like this:

    I had two 5" fans under the mirror and just a couple of wires poking out that I twist on to a battery to cool the mirror. Last night I decided to bite the bullet and install a 12v socket on the side of the box ( :D drill that paint job!) While I was in there doing this I thought it might be an idea to have an LED as wel to let me know the fans were on as they are pretty much silent running. Then I thought that maybe having a light on the side would not be a good idea as I was using a 12v LED. So, obviously, stick one *under* the mirror box! Brilliant! Then, I thought that maybe if I was the other side I'd not see it. So, stick one at each corner, under the box so I can see it from wherever I am... Nice idea so I got on with it. Finally get around to a test and all looks OK but then I turned the workshop lights out... :) Looks like the shuttle getting ready to ignite! Never realised just how bright those 5mm 12v LEDs were...


  5. ... probably worth at least double what you paid for it. :(

    I have to agree CC - maybe even more :D


    PS - the mount checked out with a dead MB, had to rebuild *four* burnt tracks. Seems OK now though :)

  6. Hi all

    Tried out the AR6 tonight as the Cheshire arrived this afternoon and I collimated quick 'n' dirty in the workshop during a cup of tea. Dropped the S1 Pro in all by itself. This as it came out of the camera bar cropping a little but seems to a rather nice scope... well worth the price I reckon... :D



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