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  1. Well, the Canon one came with a Canon extension bit - Simple to take off one end and mate something else to it, only four M2 holes :shock: Arthur
  2. I've just made an adapter or two for this very thing.. one for a large format (6x7) lens and one for a Canon. Fairly simple to do...given the right equipment of course Arthur
  3. Looks like their server is down atm... can't even get the mag's homepage let alone the forums. Arthur
  4. On another side note we don't have sky - can somebody *please* record this for me? Pretty please? Eternal gratitude awaits... Arthur
  5. Well, assuming you have rings for the Megrez you *should* be OK... also I'm pretty sure you can use a camera-mount thingie, did the Megrez come with a "foot" for camera-tripod mounting? Balance should be OK - trust me Arthur PS - get a PP3 battery, when I got my NGC it took a while to figure it out then when I was ready to go the battery went flat on me!
  6. No, the dust bunnies are either on the ccd or the IR filter. Stuff in the OTA will make no difference as it will be too far away to be in focus. Nice pic though. Incidentally, mag would be roughly that from a 6mm EP. Arthur
  7. Yes - just nipped out the good bit and adjusted the colour levels. Also did a Gaussian blur 0.5 pixels wide to smooth the jpg stuff. Looking very good I think - you should be more than pleased with it! Arthur
  8. Excellent, you got the Running Man coming through as well! Arthur
  9. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/BJOMEJAG-EBUYER-STORE_Astronomical-FIlters_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZQ2d1QQfsubZ2QQftidZ2QQtZkm Make sure you tell him you want it mounted! Arthur
  10. No. At 6mm you are pushing your luck given the likely seeing conditions in this country. With a barlowed 6mm you are living in the place where the cuckoos have cloud-shaped nests. With steel roofs to protect them from the flying pigs. Arthur
  11. Yeah but, why? Why buy an OMC200? Why not a 10" sct? Not like there's much in the way of planets coming up soon?
  12. Well, if you want a turret, get the Borg one (S/h about £45 - £50). If you want a barlow, get a barlow. this looks a bit ... bendy to me. Arthur - just saying is all
  13. ? A pro spoon is a tyre iron, *everyone* knows that... Arthur PS - quick Google also throws up this... http://thestar.blogs.com/ideas/2006/03/a_prospoon_tax.html
  14. What, a pro spoon? Daytime's easier - poke/hang/fix the spoon in a tree (assuming the sun's out) and use the reflection off the back. Obviously not a picninc spoon here though :insects1: Arthur
  15. I paid about £30 *delivered* for my 2" OIII/Hb from the US you know New... and they do 1.25" ones too 8) Arthur
  16. Yup - nice one, but you do really need to ditch the rille! Arthur
  17. Laser and a spoon, did OK for the NS8GPS
  18. I wish Chubs - it's all TS I'm afraid Arthur PS - and the one I have doesn't have a case, air cooled as well as fan and TEC
  19. And inaccurate Ooo get her Got one in the workshop... wanna borrow it?
  20. That's what I said - but I was more succinct
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