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  1. OK you lot! I strongly suspect that you are trying to maintain the black point of your "reworks" and so losing some of the finer bits of the image. Don't be afraid to have a background that is not perfectly black - in life it never is and a too dark black will make the image seem contrived imo.

    How's this?



  2. Me too. when the car got mashed the insurance company sent me to a certai n bodushop for repairs. Now - from experience I knew they weren't so good and told the broker this. "Sorry, that's the company we deal with..." was all they said. Anyway, went to let them have a look at t he damage and on the wall were several posters saying things like "We specialise in (insert car make here) repairs - you do not have to use the company your insurance company dictates...". Hmm, thinks I. Call to brokers... "Sorry, you have to use them" Call to insurance company - "That's correct Mr Edwards, you may use any registered bodyshop you care to nominate as long as they are members of the (can't remember the "guild") and are happy to take on the work"

    So, I used my preferred bodyshop in the end. TBH, I'm not sure Jessops would be my preferred dealer in this case either.


  3. OK - so I may just start taking some pics again :) Just before Christmas I acquired a t thread > Nikon adapter and promptly forgot about it (I do that alot). Whilst trying to keep out of the way I decided to drop the Nikon 24-120 zoom on the Artemis and see what happened. Cool - got infinity focus straight away! So then I next dug out the 0.5 reducer thingie and screwed that to the front of the lens as well. Even better - focus point stayed the same!

    What's the fuss I hear you ask? Well, I'm getting about the same FOV on the ICX285 chip as I would with an SLR and a 50mm lens. Think about it... :) That's going to mean some serious widefield imaging with no nasty dSLR side effects like amp glow, compression artefacts, etc.

    Here's the FOV from the window with the above setup... 50% crop as it was unbinned :lol:

    Also one without the reducer.



  4. EFI?? It's proper bike CC, none of that management stuff! One of the temp sensor pins has broken off :) I bodged it back on so at least the fan comes on when it's supposed to but it does hava a habit of falling off now and then!


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