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  1. Hello and welcome. Lots of really helpful people here to learn from
  2. From what I understand. When I started it was guested I used vega to create my instrument response. Since then I have heard others talk about needing to use a different star for instrument response if the stars they are studying are more than a certain distance blow vega, but they could explain that better than me.
  3. I started with vega, which I then followed the video to create an instrument response, which I use after calibrating each of my spectra. I divide the instrument response with the calibrated spectrum and this corrects for any things in my camera. I use rspec and had the video playing as I worked through each step. If you play them in the order given they will work through each step easily. Kate
  4. the rev

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to SGL Ian, Kate
  5. The NLO has a challenge program based around the astronomical league program, in order to give both our observers and imagers group a focus and to help begins and our space cadets group. http://www.normanlockyer.com/NLO%20challenges.html
  6. Not sure about that. I have not really got to the stage of fully understanding the results. Have sorted out instrument response and now looking at normalising and then comparing specific points over a month to look for changes.
  7. I've heard it pronounced booties and bwarties by different people
  8. I heard a rumour it had been cancelled, anyone know if it is going ahead?
  9. Good start. How bright was your image, as I usually end up with 1 second or less on Vega?
  10. the rev

    Talks / Workshops

    Okay my iPad doesn't like the EQDIR so turned it into Eddie, sorry about thar
  11. the rev

    Talks / Workshops

    I'm no expert, but use an Eddie and astro art 5 and can talk with someone about that and my experiences Kate
  12. Co star has same type of connection. I used tape on mine, which works well
  13. the rev

    Talks / Workshops

    Is anyone going who could help me with vspec or ISIS?
  14. I use one of these http://www.amazon.co.uk/PremiumDigital-Canon-Replacement-Power-Adapter/dp/B0083VUV6G/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1351411716&sr=8-3 Works well for me
  15. Welcome to the forum. I grew up in Melbourne and moved to England in 1988.
  16. I suppose because it isn't really observation section, or the deep space section, so needed somewhere to go.
  17. Been there once, never again. Very negative and not helpful
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