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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/programmes/schedules/2013/01/13
  2. There were interesting parts, but I must say I missed the live link ups to some of the events around the country. I always felt they were good to see, whether clear or cloudy as it showed grassroots at work with visitors
  3. Thanks Robin will have a look at the web page. Kate
  4. When I first started I found a set of tutorial called IP4AP on the Internet, some are free some cost, but they were really useful in learning all the little bits of photoshop.
  5. Really good program, very sad at the end when he said goodbye as I knew it was his last goodbye
  6. Not sure, I will contact Martin and get him to tell you
  7. Hi Robin, Will this work with a star analyser as well? Kate
  8. Astro-physics Mach 1, Takahashi FSQ 106, Atik 460 EX, Astrondon 5nm narrowband and Baader LRGB filters.
  9. Thanks. No cheaper on kindle either. Looks interesting though.
  10. What's the name of the book you got for Christmas. Been looking for something to help some member in our group
  11. Royal Society of Canda has an astro sketching group, have a look here http://www.rasc.ca/astrosketchers-group
  12. If you enjoy observing meteors I found one called Count Meteor, which tells you about showers and gives you space to fill in your observations
  13. Really great HA area image, lots of detail. Never used vspec but trying to learn hoe to use it. Great work. Kate
  14. Looks good John B. glad someone found some clear skies for imaging. Kate
  15. Was the 70mm WOZ with Atik 314 and filter wheel, and guided in the c6 with a titan
  16. He generally uses a 70mm WOZ for imaging and his C6 for guiding, but will ask.
  17. Special open evening for star gazing live at the NLO starting at 7:30pm
  18. Mine may seem a strange highlight, but I finally managed to get a good spectra of Uranus and Jupiter moons and actually got them analysed with some good results. Also managed to pass the 250 marks on my Arp imaging marathon.
  19. Hello, I think robin-astro said he had his in a filter wheel, but unsure what camera he is using. I know with my starlight I need to use the nose piece as the filter wheel brings it just under the distance it needs to be. Kate
  20. Norman Lockyer Observatory, in Sidmouth, Devon
  21. Really great detail in them John. Glad you've got it all sorted out. Kate
  22. I use registack 5 and draw a box around star. Registax 6 had trouble with my avi's when I was using my previous camera
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