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  1. Astronomy Fair at the NLO in Sidmouth, see youtube promo for dates and times. YouTube - RevandBellman1's Channel
  2. We were listening to vangelis in the early hours f this morning out at the NLO while imaging. Kate
  3. My first pictures using a starlight xpress MX916. 10 x 15 seconds images stacked in Astroart
  4. I only have QHY drivers, would it be better for me to change? I know the CCD Labs Q-Guider comes up in the list, but it wont recognise my camer. Kate
  5. I have been plugging it into the computer, should it go into the mount? Kate
  6. NGC 4490 - This is composed of 30 minutes of RGB and 45 minutes of Luminace images stacked and processed in photoshop.
  7. I have an EQ6 which runs through Starry Night pro via EQdir/ascom. I have a Celestron C6 as the main scope with an MX916, and a 75mm skywatcher as the guide scope with a QHY5. I was wondering if the QHY was the problem as I have only had for a couple of months and it took me a while to sort out the correct drivers to get it to talk to PHD Kate
  8. the rev

    My arps.

    pictures of arps I have taken in the last two months.
  9. the rev

    M82 March6th

    From the album: My arps.

  10. the rev


    From the album: My arps.

  11. the rev


    From the album: My arps.

  12. the rev

    NGC 4656

    From the album: My arps.

  13. the rev

    NGC 4618and 4625

    From the album: My arps.

  14. the rev

    M81March 6th

    From the album: My arps.

  15. PHD has been working really well and all of a sudden it is not cooperating. It will see the cameras and the mount, it will take images, but when I place the green box around a star and ask it to calibrate it wont. Can't work out why, any suggestions. I am using PHD 1.11, Kate
  16. Hello, We have recently bought a second hand Orion GX250 with an AWR Intelligent Handset. We have managed top get most parts working, but cannot seem to get the tracking to work. Does anyone with a similar handset have any suggestions as to how to set the tracking up please? thank s The rev
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