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  1. Was definitely a really good days. With an amazing amount if information.
  2. the rev

    Canon 350D

  3. the rev

    100 7355

    From the album: Canon 350D

    Camera 2 with battery charger, ac connector, Canon CD and paper work
  4. the rev

    100 7354

    From the album: Canon 350D

    Camera one with battery charger, paper work CD for USB to serial and lead
  5. Looks good Robin, hope it clears so you can show us more tests. Kate
  6. Hi Merlin, I haven't found anyone whose imaged wolf 359 witha star analyser. Both came out looking like M class stars, but someone pointed out the magnitude of wolf 359 and queried whether my 5inch would get a star of that magnitude, which is why I was looking or I parison. Have heckled the area below Leo and can't find another M class star which I may have accidentally caught. Kate
  7. Hi all, Took images of these the other night, very peculiar looking. Does anyone have a spectra I could compare to mine. Will post once I have checked again. Kate
  8. Hi Robin, both the spectra were raw when divided. I will try and get a different G2 star to divide b and get mother comet Inge and see what the result is. Kate
  9. hello Robin and John, I have some starnge results. I have divided the comet spectrum by both my G class star and pickles based on Robins advice. This is the raw spectrum This is it divided by a G2 star I imaged. This is it divided by the Pickles G2v star. Kate
  10. Thank you Robin, have redone and divided this time instead of subtracting.Does this look better? I still think it is rather noisy and this may be leading to the hydrogen lines being emission and any extra lines. John, I calibrated an A class star first and then used one star calibration in rspec. Kate
  11. Hello all, not at all sure if i got this right, but managed a set of images of the comet with my 5 inch and the star analyser. I took 50 30 second images and stacked them. The comet was on the way down, so it looks a little noisy. After calibration I divided by instrument response and then subtracted a close G type star (to account for sunlight - not sure if I had to do that) Is it close, if not how can I improve it or is there just too much noise? Kate
  12. Hi Steve, interesting spectrum. I have beta lyrae as a B6-8II star with a B type secondary, if that's any help. Kate
  13. I bought a USB to rs232 from local computer chop and loaded onto computer first then uploaded drivers for celestron to starry night, then connected it all together and it is working quite happily. My computer is running XP, so not sure if windows 7 or 8 would be so co operative.
  14. Thank you Robin, the galaxy zoo page is really interesting. Kate
  15. Neother of the galaxies worked really well. I have put regulus in the background as it calibrated well and shows the hydrogen lines well. A little too much noise in the images, despite using darks. Will try again though. Kate
  16. Thanks for the information Robin. I will have a go at the two galaxies and see what I get. They were dimmer than the HIP star so may not end up too good, just really impressed that I caught them so I could recognise them on screen. Will have a look at Seyfert Galxies visible at home and see which ones are in my viewing window to image. Kate
  17. Hello, Last night I added a focal reducer to the MX916. This is the first test with it included as an extra spacer, next time i will put it at the front of the star analyser so I can compare the two and decide which is the better arrangement. Attached is my image of Regulus, which I knew was a B class star so was very amazed to see a spectra which looked so much like an A class star. I also looked at a couple of HIP stars around regulus as i was trying to work out the extent of magnitude I could easily image. One of them HIP 55262 is near M65 and M66 which I ended up with a spectra of. Can I calibrate these as I would a star or do they need different treatment? Is there anything in particular element wise, I should be seeing? Kate
  18. Thanks John I will have a try and see what I can see
  19. Thanks Ken. I thought it would be the better choice Kate
  20. Hello, Does anyone know whether it would work okay on my 5 inch or would it work better on a 9.25sct? Kate
  21. I was taught about stars as part of a girls group. We were learning survival skills when lost and how to work out north and south. Then I was given Patrick Oores book on the moon and have been looking at it ever since. Didn't get a telescope until about ten years ago and have enjoyed every minute of viewing the universe
  22. If only the skies would clear it would be a really nice target
  23. Hi Robin, The MX916 does have a Pentax thread. Kate
  24. Thanks Ken. Will need to look into this more
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