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  1. Yes it's quite pretty in the eyepiece. Antares B looks greenish to my eye but comes out blue in the video. It's a really good indicator of the seeing if I can see them both and the gap.
  2. iPhone video of Antares A and B in my 28"
  3. FWIW If it helps admittedly the currency conversion and shipping to Oz was horrendous but not for one second over the years have I regretted buying them. They're lifetime keepers so amortization
  4. I'm not at all into the processing side of things but if anyone out there wants to please feel free to have your way with any of my videos. I think I probably would need some filters that I don't have to discern any cloud features.
  5. FWIW Here's a Venus live video through my 28" with an iPhone. I've never been able to see anything other than a white disc anytime I've ever looked at Venus.
  6. I bought a couple of wood eyepiece cases from "Wood Wonders" in the US a few years ago I love them but now I need another one. If someone is looking for gift suggestions for you....
  7. Here's a live video on my iPhone 8 through 10mm TV Ethos and Paracorr II on my 28" f4.2 Webster Dobsonian. Using NightCap app and fiddling with the settings.
  8. I can't claim any credit or kudos for building it. I bought it from its owner when he was moving a long distance and had to make some hard choices on what to take and what to let go. The scope had been sitting in a shed in pieces for some time languishing and waiting to be refurbished, modded and upgraded or cannibalized for a new version. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and scrounged enough cash (and a 17mm Nagler) together to buy it. I figured you don't get the chance everyday to buy a 20" binodob I based it back together, added a few minor tweaks and safety items. It's a bit of a pain and fiddly to set up compared to my other big dobs for instance I can have my 28 up and running in 10 minutes from arriving on site. I am slowly making small changes to how things work and fit together to make it svelte, it's a work in progress. I'm still getting my head around alignment, collimation and adjustment. Views have superior depth in a binoscope, the planets, the moon especially and bright dsos. The biggest cons with a big bino is the double cost or double building. Recoat mirrors x2 + x2 shipping expenses, new EPs x2, secondaries and tertiaries x2, higher quality focusers x2 . Adds up real quick. I am very pleased to own it though, its a hell of a scope, a very well built scope with many clever well thought out nuances. I'll keep honing and polishing it over time.
  9. Aluminium cuts very easily clamped on any wood cutting mitre saw using any common tungsten tipped saw blade. You can even cut your own dovetail plates to any size on them using aluminium flat bar. u
  10. Nah I'm not into the processing side of things I just like to see if I can get a decent video every now and then with a simple iphone setup. Gross aperture and an iPhone vs all the rest I find viewing the screen from a couple of meters away adds to it
  11. Thanks chaps I've got a few more there on my youtube channel there for anyone interested. Aperture and seeing certainly help the iphone
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