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  1. Aluminium cuts very easily clamped on any wood cutting mitre saw using any common tungsten tipped saw blade. You can even cut your own dovetail plates to any size on them using aluminium flat bar. u
  2. Nah I'm not into the processing side of things I just like to see if I can get a decent video every now and then with a simple iphone setup. Gross aperture and an iPhone vs all the rest I find viewing the screen from a couple of meters away adds to it
  3. Thanks chaps I've got a few more there on my youtube channel there for anyone interested. Aperture and seeing certainly help the iphone
  4. iPhone video of Saturn in my 28" f4.2. EP 4.7mm coupled to 4x PowerMate and iPhone onscreen image expanded to max 5x to give total magnification on Saturn of about 12000x (( 2966/4.7 x 4) x 5)
  5. Thanks guys. Even in light pollution, with the really big dobs you can still get quite good views of planets and the brighter dsos, especially planets. Admittedly a backyard with a few well placed trees and bushes helps.
  6. Taken by iPhone in my light polluted suburban backyard 40 mins ago
  7. And another slightly later.
  8. Frame from a video of Jupiter in my backyard last night. IPhone 8 and 28” f4 Webster Dob with 4.7 Ethos eyepiece.
  9. Oh and you may notice too I took off one of the two stiffening braces across the two halves in the middle to make it easier to walk underneath without ducking and then lift quickly for re positioning. It was a cheap old ladder I bought off Gumtree I'll probably be found dead at the base of the scope one day but that's ok it's what I would have wanted
  10. Lol well I’m tall enough that I rarely have to go above the third or fourth rung. I weigh 83kg so I figure I’m within agricultural tolerances according to my amateur engineering by YouTube degree. If you look closely at the top rung there are holes in it too for holding eyepieces
  11. Get out your hole saw and start drillin’. Hardcore Extreme Dobsonianing!
  12. Good thinking - ok 40" binodob it is then ?
  13. Save yourselves it's too late for me! ? I recently found out a Hubble optics 40" mirror costs around $US30k so that's got me thinking "hmmm if I spread it over five years and build everything myself and keep my old car and don't go on holidays and eat frugally yep totally doable"
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