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  1. Second hand TV Delos 10mm, 17mm and spend the change on a second hand Glatter laser.
  2. Yeah showed him a few sights in the scope and we had a good ol chat. I check out the UK urban stealth campervan man youtube channel from time to time so it was a laugh to meet an aussie version and I envision I'll probably end up similar with my truck one day. I'll just ship the Argo back to Wildcard they'll fix it up no worries I'm sure. Its just the timing was atrocious . My own fault I should have checked it was more secure.
  3. Live iPhone video of great Conjunction last night. Tracking is manual because I dropped the ArgoNavis when setting up and lets just say it looks like a bashed crab now. Webster 28" f4.2 dobsonian, Televue 10mm Ethos and Paracorr II iPhone 8 set up next to a very surprised urban stealth campervan man in an industrial backlot Rockingham Western Australia.
  4. 28" f4.2 Webster Dob 3.7 Ethos EP and 2x PowerMate. A little bit windy.
  5. Live iPhone video of Mars
  6. This dude is in your area of the world
  7. Snap of shadow of Io (10 o'clock) on face of Jupiter and Ganymede (5 o'clock) 28" f4.2 Webster dobsonian, 3.7 TV Ethos EP and iPhone 8 Live video here
  8. You can adjust the brightness up or down using the touchscreen and sliding up or down on the iPhone. You can also magnify onscreen image to help get the image focus better. NightCap app allows long exposures which might work with Neowise if its bright enough.
  9. iPhone 8 snap of Saturn from the other night unprocessed. 28" f4.2 Webster Dobsonian with ServoCat ArgoNavis tracking, 3.7mm TeleVue Ethos eyepiece in my suburban backyard south of Perth in Western Australia.
  10. I have used the Filmic Pro app with success on planets and Nightcap app for stars and fainter objects
  11. Yes it's quite pretty in the eyepiece. Antares B looks greenish to my eye but comes out blue in the video. It's a really good indicator of the seeing if I can see them both and the gap.
  12. iPhone video of Antares A and B in my 28"
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