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  1. David_L

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Last chance for some decent terminator action before the "Snow Moon" on February 19th (a.ka. the full Hunger Moon by native American tribes due to the heavy snow falls making hunting more difficult)* I set up my two portable rigs for a shoot out No competition actually as one is fantastic in times of poor seeing (Altair 60 EDF) and the other is best for crater exploration (C8 SCT) Had a blast with both, I'll be processing the tons of data I collected shortly. Excellent night sky with the eye of the bull in Taurus near the Moon - was great just to stand behind the scopes watching it all unfold Notice our cat Luna on her inspection rounds LOL! David *Source: Starry Night Pro 7
  2. All set up and running - seeing is pretty poor with quite a bit of high cloud around but still having a blast (that's our cat Luna on her inspection rounds haha!) The upper screen is the Altair 60EDF and the lower is the C8 SCT David
  3. Looking forward to the clear night and half moon tonight - I hope to try the Altair 60EDF out on the Moon both observing and imaging. Won't it be cool if it does well at both?! I can imagine easily taking this light travel setup all over the place in my travels for use when the Moon is out. I'll post results in the Observing and Moon Imaging forum. David
  4. David_L

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Results from my earlier post on the 28th of January and a further session on the 2nd of February. The first session, 30 minutes each channel was unguided, the second session, 30 minutes each channel (total 1hr per channel LRGB) was guided. Heavily cropped as my orientation from both sessions was wildly different - second image is the guided result of 30 minutes each channel. David
  5. David_L

    Orion nebula with Quattro and 1000D

    I think your picture is fantastic the way it is. I've seen a lot of renditions on Twitter lately where people are using this colour approach. It really lends itself to detail, and your image has tons of that David
  6. David_L

    M45 - Guided on a Star Adventurer

    HAHAHAHA! Will do - I don't normally but I gave in to the temptation LOL! Thanks David
  7. David_L

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Excellent vid - not sure if I posted mine - here they come
  8. That's better LOL
  9. David_L

    M45 - Guided on a Star Adventurer

    Genius! No I hadn't thought of that - I've never used plate solving - I'll check it out - thanks very much David
  10. David_L

    M45 - Guided on a Star Adventurer

    My guess is pinched optics - these are the first images I’ve taken since I bought this from Altair last April so I’ll have to do more checks before I cast criticism on the scope - but I’ve seen this before unfortunately in others scopes. Going to have a look at a low processed stack of lum now thanks for your thoughts
  11. David_L

    M45 - Guided on a Star Adventurer

    Good Thinking Have a look at these videos - might be that bay tree?
  12. David_L

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Yep - cmos ASi1600mm with a .8 fr flattener
  13. David_L

    M45 - Guided on a Star Adventurer

    Resolution is too low in these pngs to see my star hats I’ll zoom in with PixInsight and post later
  14. David_L

    M45 - Guided on a Star Adventurer

    It's really irritating that it does that - sorry - it's something to do with it being a link to a file on my OneDrive I think - probably an adjustment I could make.
  15. David_L

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    I scrolled up and saw your pictures - weird thing is I'm pretty sure I saw them earlier LOL! Don't know what I was talking about when I said I couldn't see them Sorry Those pictures you posted are stunning - I'd love to see skies like that. One frac is the Altair 60EDF for imaging and the other is a Altair 50mm guide scope I've had a lot of fun over the past week with the SA - some struggles tonight (posted elsewhere here) with a dew shield but it made me laugh David

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