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  1. As with your Horsehead mono shot - this too is really outstanding. Your processing methods are bringing out fantastic faint nebulosity in the outer regions (and I'm sure the hours of subs does help too :-) The brighter elements are really striking and accent the image without killing it with over processed detail. And the darkness of the central core pulls the eye in, retreating to notice the dark pillars of gas and then on out into the surrounding space. Frame this one, and make it big! :-) David
  2. The mono version is exceptional - I haven't seen that sort of nebulosity in the lower part of the screen before - it looks transparent - very very good. Something doesn't look right about the colour version - I usually see the flame element of this object coming out a pale orange? I know the colours are subjective but it may point to a processing error that is misrepresenting one of the channels? - it looks quite dark too. Really impressed with the mono (to end on a high note :-) David
  3. Thanks for the mention on this - I'd really like to get one for mine too but will have to wait for a bit (money) Hopefully the Sun will wake up and start putting on a show soon. David
  4. ....hmmm tricky...I once tried to persuade my wife to look at a horse through a loo roll ....she did it...but she said I needed a new hobby.....
  5. Really impressive results and superb processing! David
  6. :-) I had one on my QHY8 when I got it new from China, that's when I learned how to clean the sensor - just a suggestion but probably too uniform to be hairs
  7. Ah! I see - yes, it was probably frost forming on the fault - is it a hair or group of hairs? I used to open my QHY8 and clean the sensor no problem, doesn't hurt it, but I'm not sure about this system (CMOS) David
  8. I think the lines are moisture / frost. I've had that and as it cools down they start to disappear :-) David
  9. I'm a PixInsight user, think its fantastic, many tools to be mastered (or at least to become competent on) so an endless journey of experiment and learning - great fun :-) David
  10. Excellent composition - this object is a favourite of mine and I really like the way you've positioned the star (Menkib?) Well done - look forward to the finished result David
  11. ....and of course if you don't ....I might :-)
  12. Yep - I just grabbed the first link on First Light Optics website that looked like this counter weight - they have all types there - and two different weights David
  13. This works great for my rig - same problem
  14. I had two nights of fun using 3 ZWO cameras - 2 x ASI120MC and 1 x ASI1600MM-Cool on the Moon There's some notes and pictures in my blog here :-) David p.s. all 3 cameras are running simultaneously off a Startech hub - no fps/download issues :-)
  15. Thanks for your efforts on this guys - it would be great if you guys started a shared document that combined the tech stuff with the explanations you've created - you could put it up on Google Drive or something similar, limit editing rights, let us dedicated 1600er's (have to come up with something catchier LOL) have access and in the end publish it? Just a thought as I was copying and pasting the threads to read during coffee breaks :-) David