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  1. To all responders... Thanks for the encouraging words folks. It's good to know it is within my power to rectify this problem, I was just getting into it, as well! Having got the scope for xmas and with the moon aside, and weather interference, I hadnt really seen anything to impress me - looking at some of the astronomy pics available today expectations can get ahead of reality - But then, last monday i believe, the sky cleared for a while and before I knew what I was doing the bright star in my finderscope appeared in my FOV and slowly resolved into a disc... thin, slightly muddy parallel lines...it suddenly looked familiar, Jupiter! - an actual planet - just a small dot, hard to focus on but still definitely Jupiter. Well, I was chuffed. Next night I couldn't get the focus right andd the image kept blacking out. (Hopefully this issue is resolved thanks to my last thread's replies - noob with a newtonian..) So now in worry mode I was convinced I had broken something or at least knocked it out of alignment, and tried to collimate. Long story short I feel out of my depth and as though its only getting worse. Thank god for the many helpful people here at SGL, I at least have a hope that it can be fixed and will let me see jupiter again. Additional thanks for the link to a local astro-club, I will check it out. thnaks again, Jay. (Aenima)
  2. As a noob, I am having trouble with the finer points of collimating my 130p Explorer. It was fine out of the box and may have stayed that way for ages, except while trying to fix a 'blackout' type issue _ (someone has since said it could be 'kidney beaning' in the eypeice) - I briefly touched upon collimating. This was a mistake coz now I cant get it back in alignment properly, a lack of experience combined with niggling doubts has brought me to the point of either paying a pro to do it or try customer support at Sky-Watcher, does anyone know the options in this situation? I have seen andy's shot glass articles and astro-baby's in depth web page plus many SGL's members posts that were suggested but as great as these articles are, I still feel the task beyond my limited skill level - can anyone help? many thanks, Jay
  3. Cheers mate! Nice scope there. ~~~I notice you listed jupiter. What kind of view did you get using the 200mm? I recently got a 130p explorer. I used a 10mm ep with 2x barlow and just able to make out the muddy parallel lines running across the disc which confirmed it was jupiter. Just wodering what kind of planet detail is possible in this kind of range of equipment? Thanks for the welcome btw. jay
  4. Yeah, man, will post a new thread as I need as many fresh ideas and expert tips as i can get. The whole premise is kinda getting out of hand as the more i fiddle the less certain i am about doing it right. I should have just waited till someone helpful like you mentioned kidneys, (thnx btw ,) before I went blundering in. The primary mirror is already marked with a small black ring thank god, and the spider holding the secondary is tight so it doesnt seem like it will have moved out just by carrying the scope outside once or twice. It just seems the more i look at it the harder it seems to put right. Either way i am immensely grateful for your help, I'm gonna look at it again now as I want to try to see jupiter again, it's the best thing I've seen through a telescope yet. Quite chuffed with that. Take care & thanks! Jay
  5. Thanks again, bart. I'm hoping to learn more about collimation as it now seems to be my no 1 concern. The neat and staionary pictures in the books and sites seem to expand into hundreds of different angles and possible misalignments when i look into my own focus hole. Being my first newtonion, I cant help feeling all thumbs and probably making it worse, especially as it came quite well collimated from the box. I have read and reread some pdf. files from the net and watched the DIY clip from andy's shot glass (which is pretty good, but still different from what i see through my focuser, the basics are there but tiny movements of my eye cause big changes in the image) and have gained a little confidence, but feel a long way off having it sussed out. How do I go about starting a seperate thread about this issue? And do you think, in general, that SGL and its members would be a good place to be asking questions all the time? As a nooby it is something i consider valuable, a place where skilled and knowledgeable astronomers are willing to teach and advise those just starting out. Again, many thanks to you and all those who posted replies and welcomes, yours gratefully, Jay.
  6. Yes! This sounds like the exact thing I keep seeing, considering other possibilities it seems to be the description that fits. I keep getting an object in FOV and for no apparent reason it will briefly 'hide' behind an imaginary obstruction, until I reposition my eye - even then it could still occasionally look skewed for a moment. The problem now is I tried to re-collimate the mirror (I read and researched it, but it was still my first time) and just cant get it right - But I will try to start another post for advice on this subject, meantime i'd like to thank you for your suggestion, I wondered what the cause of kidneybeans is and if all eyepeices did it? Nice1 Bart thnks alot. Jay.
  7. That's really nice, thank you. My location is on the sw coast - south devon. But your advice is well recieved, I have much to learn and there isn't many people into astronomy around here so websites are my best link to knowledgable stargazers like yourself. Many thanks.
  8. Thanks. It's a great site, lot of helpful people.
  9. Hi there, thanks for your input. I never heard of kidneybeaning, could you elaborate on the details? bit stuck at the moment, much appreciated.
  10. Hello and thank you for the many kind welcomes. I greatly appreciated the varied and helpful advice. I am currently trying to learn more about the technical aspects of my telescope, especially accurate collimation. Since adjusting the primary mirror in an attempt to fix the strange disappearing object issue, I cant work out if the collimation is now off or not (and when defocusing a star the 'concentric rings' arent apparent, just a white disc with the black middle from the secondary mirror - is this related to the 'parabolic' effect?). I saw spikes but havent had the conditions or resolution to get perfect focus so still not sure about the optics being aligned. Someone mentioned standing back a few feet. How do I set that up, and what should I be looking for? thanks again to all who left me replies and advice, Jay.
  11. Thank you for the speedy reply,malc-c. but although i do have the goto mount i am not currently using its capabilities other than for slewing the scope whilst observing. No, the problem is more with FOV and what seems like a trick of the light. As if at a certain pupil distance the image is slightly obstructed or light is deflected so that only part of the FOV is reaching the eye. Its quite difficult to explain, i just know that the night before it didnt happen, or i didnt notice it, but now even a average star has moments of misalignment. Taking those aforementioned issues into account i still feel there might be something else i need to consider. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, thank you.
  12. Hello. Thank you muchly for my membership status. I have an Explorer 130p by Sky-watcher, and recently observed Jupiter for the first time. As excited as i was, I couldn't help noticing the next night i went out that the planet seemed to repeatedly 'slip' out of the eyepiece, or behind a phantom obstruction which caused me to briefly lose sight of it, or it jumped away like there was a fault in the tube or lens so i had to keep readjusting my eye and refocusing my vision - but as I said the previous viewing was spot-on. Fearing I had knocked it or something, I looked up how to collimate and gave it a tweak but could not improve on its current alignment as far as i can tell. Apart from correct alingment and removal of all the right caps and dust shields does anyone have any idea as to what i might be experiencing in the viewing of small objects? p.s. as for collimating, it advised to use an out of focus star and check the symmetry of the rings but i can only ever get a washed out disk of light with the black dot being the secondary mirror. Is this because a parabolic mirror is different somehow or are the rings something i should be getting regardless? Thanks for your time and help, Jay (Aenima)
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