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  1. Aenima

    jupiter 11th

    From the album: 2013/2014 planetary

    good ol spc880nc and 3x barlow 200p
  2. Aenima

    coccoon1 jaypg

    From the album: The next step.

  3. Hehe, i wouldn't worry about asking questions - we have all likely asked a few good ones during the learning stages. as for first targets, the best one - if its around at the time - is the moon, close up or full disc its always nice to see (and later on easy to photograph) and any of the larger planets will do as well. Check out freeware stellarium for a good idea where to find things. hth regards Aenima
  4. Aenima

    Jupiter mono shrp N blur

    This was done using a webcam type video camera, it goes directly into the telescope. It takes a video of the planet and the best frames stacked together to bring out detail. in this case a 3x barlow was used (between the cam and scope) to make the image bigger..
  5. Aenima

    M42 Up

    You wouldn't see this amount of colour or detail without a camera, but the brightest area of the nebula along with the central stars can be viewed through a scope, and as usual the bigger the aperture the better it will pick up the fainter objects.
  6. Thanks QM, it's great to hear the extra '50 in 350D might allow the pc connection that the 300D lacked. I had hoped for focus assist, but not looked into it before now. I have heard also that the 350D has compatibility issues with anything later than winXP.... might be worth reverting to an earlier OS just for that reason. ASTROEQ looks at first glance to be mainly for non-goto users, but still a nice piece of DIY Regards Aenima
  7. Great post, looks like a nice set-up. I managed to come across a 350D recently thnx to a very kind deal from a fellow stargazer - i'm quite pleased with it, it's definitely an upgrade from the 300D.. Im interested in the possibility of using it with the laptop -- the 300D wasn't supported by BYEOS or other astro software , but failing that i'm happy using the remote timer (very useful things aren't they? )... ive had laptop trouble which halted guiding for a while but shouldn't stop me for too long Aenima
  8. Aenima

    double cluster 2

    From the album: The next step.

    One of my first targets but still trying to get a decent image - clusters are harder than they look to capture due to them being all stars so tracking errors and uncorrected optical problems are very quick to show up in the end result.

    © Aenima

  9. Aenima

    M42 Up

    From the album: The next step.

    No introduction needed for this amazing nebula, very popular, and lovely to observe.
  10. Sorry only just realised the question was here - that bright star is the first on the left of the 3 in Orion's belt - called Alnitak. thnx for the comments btw :)
  11. Aenima

    M45 Widefield

    From the album: Venture in widefield.

    Pleiades - a few 1-2min exp stacked. Nikon d3100 w/nikkor zoom lens

    © Aenima

  12. From the album: Venture in widefield.

    The Garnet star and small elephant trunk nebula, widefield milky way.

    © Aenima

  13. Aenima

    comet ison

    From the album: Venture in widefield.

    9 X 30sec exp, DSS, D3100/200P/EQ5

    © Aenima

  14. Aenima

    Mono jupiter lu070m

    From the album: 2013/2014 planetary

    Lumenera lu070m - jupiter, 3x barlow in 200p/eq5 30+ fps

    © Aenima

  15. From the album: 2013/2014 planetary

    Webcam image, using spc880 and 3x barlow, 200p/eq5

    © Aenima

  16. From the album: 2013/2014 planetary

    webcam jupiter, 200p/eq5/3x barlow ---- registax 6.

    © Aenima

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