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  1. Aenima

    Comet Catalina

    From the album: The next step.

    Was really chuffed to catch this comet, especially with the two tails. This i believe is the 5th comet i've caught 'on film' as it were. Along with Panstarrs - ISON - Jacques, and Lovejoy (forgot the numerical names). Equipment: ED80 - / 350D -/ EQ6 -/ CLS clip
  2. Aenima

    The next step.

    Almost a year since beginning Astronomy.
  3. Have to add my m27 taken with the orion g3 colour, i kinda added negative comments quick enough so i thought i'd add a positive here's one of the more successful results from the g3 and ED80 scope
  4. From the album: 2015 Various

    recently found a cheap 16ic mono - a little old and kernakkered but does the job :) A stack of 7 or 8 subs of 300s 400s and 500s (kept increasing exposure length once good tracking had been established)
  5. Aenima

    2015 Various

    No longer a newbie :)
  6. Wow! Those are very good pictures from the entry level CCD. Very impressed especially with the whirlpool Galaxy - I think using the monochrome camera will help a lot as it was the software debayer process as well as the weird colour tones that made the G3 difficult to get good results from :/ with the mono + filters you avoid debayering and have control over colour balance in the final image. But well done getting those images posted above, really good to see nice results from the G3. Hope more are to come
  7. Aenima

    elephant Neb

    From the album: 2015 Various

    © Aenima

  8. Aenima

    firework galaxy

    From the album: 2015 Various

    using a better mount and able to increase exposure length :)

    © Aenima

  9. I think you are right Lucky, the Nikon will really wipe the floor with the G3 and perform better for planets/lunar imaging and be worth trying on deep sky objects also even unmodified. The main advantage the G3 has is the lack of IR block filter in front of the sensor and 'possibly' noise levels when cooling is on - this last one might be untrue actually because the horizontal lines are way worse than speckles of read-noise and i see them in mine as well so its unlikely to be caused by a filter or other accessory in the light path. unfortunately it seems Orion are abandoning this camera as they can't even bring themselves to update the dodgy software let alone tweak the defects out of the camera design Try the nikon for deep sky, or with a barlow in video mode for lunar and planets - you'll be pleasantly surprised by how versatile and easy it is compared to the current camera
  10. Aenima


    From the album: 2015 Various

  11. REALLY NICE IMAGE looks amazing - haven't over-done processing either, great shot!
  12. That's the trouble with astronomy - testing the equipment almost always requires a clear sky and time spare to work on it. Hope you get a chance to try your camera soon Clear skies
  13. i have had limited - (ie 'some') success with the colour G3 using deepskystacker that may be the 4 the above poster was referring to - the bayer matrix pattern in DSS is CYMG 04 for the orion? But yeah, i captured in nebulosity and stacked in DSS under cymg 04 in the dropdown camera bayer menu. Need very long exposures to 'detect' enough stars in DSS as it comes out darker than i'm accustomed to with my dslr I would be interested as an Orion g3 owner to see how the thread develops, if or when it does Thank you to the OP for the info and any other ppl who add to it image - quick test on m42 - 30 x 2min exp's , ED80/ reducer x0.5 / G3 (i think the CA and Egg stars are the cheap 0.5x reducer 1.25" )
  14. First post was b ad quality viewed up close like that - found a couple other versions hoping they're better
  15. Aenima

    jupiter Fin

    From the album: 2015 Various

    My best attempt at jupiter with the 200p at 5x barlow f25 5000mm

    © Aenima

  16. Aenima

    New hercules glob

    From the album: 2015 Various

    great cluster in hercules m13

    © Aenima

  17. Aenima


    From the album: 2015 Various

    Only 16 subs of 1min each, not a lot of data to work with, but it worked out ok :) ed80 / 350d/ eq5

    © Aenima

  18. Many thanks for the kind comments and likes i was pleased and a little surprised with the image from a 5x but thats mostly due to it not being successful in the past, its always worth trying though when seeing seems good There is likely more to be processed from the AVI'S i captured but the first few results are encouraging thank you for the comment/likes regards
  19. Excellent seeing on the 16/17th which allowed the use of a 5xbarlow on my 200p Got the best jupiter image so far, pleased with the result
  20. Aenima

    Venture in widefield.

    Trying out photography with lenses instead, although the night sky theme is still very central. Some with tripod, some with piggyback on the EQ5 - mainly using a Nikon D3100 and 55-200mm Nikkor.
  21. From the album: Venture in widefield.

    350D + 135mm soligor m42 lens 3mins x 8 or 9 subs tracked with eq5
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