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Image Comments posted by Aenima

  1. This was done using a webcam type video camera, it goes directly into the telescope.


    It takes a video of the planet and the best frames stacked together to bring out detail.

    in this case a 3x barlow was used (between the cam and scope) to make the image bigger..

  2. M42 Up


    Amazing. Can you see this through your telescope, if so how?

    You wouldn't see this amount of colour or detail without a camera, but the brightest area of the nebula along with the central stars can be viewed through a scope, and as usual the bigger the aperture the better it will pick up the fainter objects.

  3. i love the picture with the star , nebula ,flame absolutly amazing were would u find this in the night sky may i ask ? yea im new lol 


    all great pictures i hope one day i can do this 

    Sorry only just realised the question was here - that bright star is the first on the left of the 3 in Orion's belt - called Alnitak.  thnx for the comments btw :)

  4. M3


    Annnd another image to look back on and realise how bad it is. At first these bright large objects looked to be easy targets but since discovered they are much less forgiving of small errors in tracking and processing.

  5. The stars look nice and solid, I'm not positive but the small thin trails look like a vibration or wind rather than tracking . . . ?

    Its definitely worth another shot. Got lots of colour there in the nebula, after a couple frames get stacked you'll notice much more.


  6. Pleiades.


    is that how you see it ? or did you add the blue

    In the EP this looks like slightly hazy but relatively normal bright stars, the blue haze is nebulosity that mainly gets captured in photos. The blue colour is slightly exagerated but will show up in all pictures to some extent.

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