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  1. I am set with multiple layers, warm fingerless gloves, Hat's and Hot drinks to hand (I ride a motorbike so the thermalls and layers for that will work wonders for this )
  2. Hi guys Thanks for your replies, and some great advise on things to spot and downloads there. Christmas arrived early, it was due to be delivered today, it got delivered Saturday the most frustrating thing we where out all weekend arrrrr and last night and saturday night we have clear patches of sky!!!! Typical. So tonight we are setting it up and reading charts to hopefully have a clear sky to look to enjoy our first sky watch. Enjoy your searching.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a complete newbie to the world of Astronomy and star gazing After years of being intrigued and wanting to do more, myself and my otherhalf have bought a joint christmas present this year, our first telescope, the Skywatcher explorer 130p. We have our charts coming and it should all arrive Monday so we are looking forward to taking our first little steps into the world outside our own :)
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