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  1. I would prefer the A&M TMB Advanced Telescopes 105 version with the carbon fibre tube, the OTA has a better build quality and finish but with the same optics. You can also choose several different focusers including the 3.5" Feathertouch. For some reason the price in the UK is a lot more than from this dealer in the Netherlands. http://www.robtics.nl/product_info.php?products_id=947&pID=947&language=en John
  2. The whole focuser on the C80 ED screws onto the end of the tube. They can be very tight and hard to unscrew, but one of the Rubber Strap Wrenches from a diy store will give you enough grip to unscrew it. Then it's just a matter of screwing the Moonlite onto the tube. The grub screw sockets you are referring to are for adjusting inner workings of the focuser John
  3. I had one and should never have let it go. It's surprising just how much you can see with it considering it's only a 40mm aperture. You won't regret getting one. I'm getting a new one for Xmas but this time the PST will be used with an 80mm OTA. I managed to get hold of the PST long enough before it got wrapped up though to carry out the mods to the 80mm OTA (shortened 2") and build a cell to hold the Baader D-ERF. Here's a photo of it all assembled. The OTA is an Astro-Professional TMB 80mm F/11.25 achro. Pity they're discontinuing the scope as the TMB lens is so sharp and contrasty but apparently the lens is no longer available. I'm looking forward to using it. What are the chances of it being sunny on Xmas day? John
  4. Just a note on the Flextube Auto dob and a power supply. It uses only a small fraction of the power needed for an EQ mount or an ALT-AZ (Celestron 6SE etc.) and I've found a 3 amp 12v gel cell powers it for a long, long time. Remember that a regular dob when balanced properly can be moved around with just a fingertip and hence it takes very little power to move it. John
  5. It would be interesting to compare the new Astro-Professional 130 to the WO FLT 132. How will FPL-53 Chinese made triplet optics compare with a Japanese made FPL-51 triplet. John
  6. C O L D But at least it's clear here in Derby, so managed a 1/2 hour with the ZS80FD on a photo tripod. In this case grab'n'go means grab the scope and go back inside. John
  7. The key point is that the optics are made in Japan, not just made from Japanese glass. John
  8. Got some info on the Astro-Professional 130 triplet. Now I know why it's going to be £800.00 more than the Meade 127. While it is FPL-51 the most important thing is that the optics are totally Japanese made using Ohara glass. The mechanical parts are sourced from China, but everything is assembled and tested in Germany. It will also come with a 3" crayford focuser. So, Japanese optics and proper quality control.....looks very interesting. There will also be a magazine review of the scope coming out fairly soon. John
  9. Congratulations ! You made the right decision in the end. Should be a great starter scope but also good enough to not outgrow for quite a while. John Dare I mention eyepieces and accessories
  10. Just out of curiosity do you know if the scope was shipped direct from the supplier to you or from the dealer. John
  11. Sorry if that particular post mislead you. Still for the money the new 16mm isn't bad value ($269 in the US), sort of a Hyperion level of performance but with a 100 degree FOV. John
  12. Don't forget the William Optics SPL eyepieces. As good optically if not better for planetary use as the Uwans / Nirvanas but with a 55 degree FOV and 20mm eye relief. John
  13. That's a different eyepiece entirely (the Explore Scientific 14mm) and not related at all to the 16mm 100 degree one mentioned in the original post in this thread. John
  14. For £129.00 you could get a new Nirvana 16mm 82 degree eyepiece from FLO which is very similar to the 16mm Nagler in performance. John
  15. I've asked someone to find out what they can about the Astro-Professional version. ie: glass type etc. So hopefully I'll have some details shortly. I'm guessing it should sell for about £2,100.00 in the UK. At nearly a grand more than the Meade 127 that should buy much better optics and quality control. John
  16. I'm waiting to see what happens when the new 130 APO triplets arrive. Much higher spec than the Meade 127 etc. although about £1,000.00 more. Will they push down the price of the various 127 triplet ed scopes to the £999.00 price point? John
  17. I find that with my SkyWatcher 10" dob I can use about 240x for planetary most nights and on lunar 400x. With my OO UK 14" dob with it's 99 Strehl mirror I would normally use about 400x for planetary and about 550x for lunar (on a good night up to 800x). Premium optics and aperture mean you can really push the magnification. I live just about in the dead centre of the UK so light pollution isn't as bad as London but it's still not that good. John
  18. The new 130 APO triplets are about to hit the market at just over £2,000.00 from several brands. Astro Professional TRIPLET APO 130/910mm http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/de/info/p3279_Astro-Professional-Triplet-APO-130-910mm---3--Crayford-Auszug.html More expensive but a step up from the FPL-51 127 ED triplets. It'll be interesting see how well they perform. John
  19. If you missed this one on the National Geographic channel when it was first broadcast a little while ago it's being repeated this Thursday night at 8:00 pm. " The LBT telescope sits on a mountain in Arizona, over 3,000 metres above sea level. Like a giant pair of eyes, it stares up into the night sky. Equipped with two giant mirrors, it allows astronomers to see further into space than ever before. Capable of producing images of heavenly bodies with startling clarity, the LBT focuses its two giant mirrors on stars tens of millions of light years away from Earth. It stands on the shoulders of historic engineering achievements that have allowed it to see so far. Find out how this magnificent instrument was made possible through a series of engineering breakthroughs. Big, Bigger, Biggest discovers how six landmark telescopes contributed innovations towards its development, allowing astronomers to see ever deeper into space. " John
  20. I notice that the ES100 14mm is now stocked by AstroShop.eu price Euro 439.00 http://www.astroshop.eu/explore-scientific/p,17007?sid=493b0379fa7e27cfc0c75c73e1b69ce6 John
  21. The eyepiece is available under both TMB and Zhumell brands.Telescopes.com is selling it for $269.98 Quote: Brand new from Zhumell. The all new Z100 series eyepieces offer a value priced 100 Degree AFOV telescope eyepiece. Once word hit the street of this new eyepiece - all the skeptics starting talking. Well, if you want to spend half your paycheck on an eyepiece - the other 100 Degree eyepieces are VERY nice, but if spending that much on an eyepiece is hard to swallow, but you want the 100 Degree experience, the all new Z100 eyepieces are a great buy. http://www.telescopes.com/telescope-eyepieces/2-inch-eyepieces/zhumellz10016mmeyepiece.cfm Discusion on Cloudy Nights http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/3408560/page/0/view/collapsed/sb/5/o/all/fpart/1/vc/1 John PS Reading the Cloudy Nights discussion they seem to be similar to Baader Hyperions in optical quality. In other words good but not premium quality. They have nothing in common with ES100 eyepieces except for the 100 degree FOV.
  22. Here's a quote from Al Nagler that may help. "You didn't say what type of scope you have. If you called Tele Vue, We would have recommended the Big Barlow if you have a Newtonian, and the powermate if you have a refractor. The reason?, For the Nagler eyepieces the optical benefits of the powermate are invisible, however, ergonomically in a Newtonian both the BB and powermate will reach their parfocal point. In a refractor, where a diagonal is used, the BB will not come close to reaching it's parfocal point, and an inch or so of in-travel will be required. " John
  23. Do remember that this applies to goods bought online (distance selling) and if you buy in the shop your rights are more limited. Also there are some exceptions (custom made etc.) that can affect your right to return even goods bought online. But it's so much better to talk to the dealer first and explain your dilemma and let them help you to sort it out. John
  24. Just ordered an 8mm Ethos from them while the sale is on. I've just sold my 17mm Ethos and so had the cash to spare. So now I have the 6mm, 8mm and 10mm Ethos eyepieces. For me it's worked out that I prefer the Ethos at the shorter focal lengths, but like the Naglers better at the longer focal lengths. The 17E just wasn't being used, I seemed to reach for the 26mm Nagler every time instead. Every-one's eyes are different so what's best for one person might be very different for the next one. Colour sensitivity, coma sensitivity, astigmatism, visual acuity, eyeglass wearer etc. all play their part. I find the Naglers for instance very easy to look through, and for me they have plenty of eye relief and have zero problems with black out. It's a pity that you can't try some out and see what's best for you. Although I suppose you could find a dealer that would let you return one if it didn't suit and exchange for the other brand perhaps. John
  25. OO does CNC tube rings to fit, but very pricey. Stayfocused also does CNC rings to fit: http://www.stayfocused.co.uk/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=14 John
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