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  1. Surely the supplied barlow lens should work? Whats the point in it? My SW 150 barlow works fine with all my lenses including bst and celestron, sounds as if something not quite right somewhere.
  2. Much better viewing last night. Thought I could see cassini with my 127 mak and 8mm bst, even better but slightly fuzzy 12mm celestron xl and 2x barlow. Could make out some banding on surface or was it shadow of the rings? Not sure.
  3. I had the same blurring last night with Saturn. Suprising as last time the weather was clear I had a crisp image. As for cassini not sure if I could see it ir not, in my 150 SW I thought I could see it on the left side of the rings but not the right! If that makes sense. Hoping for better luck tonight.
  4. Yep seems ages since we had clear skies. I only tried Saturn and it was odd in a way as I had problems getting a really crisp image with my 150dob and a 12mm plus barlow. Every now and then though just for a few second it would clear and I could see either banding or more likely the shadow of the rings on the planet surface. Thought I could make out cassini too. At least 3 moons also. I didnt wait for the scope to cool down so that maybe why the problem.
  5. Sorry stupid me, just reread your post, you dont have any ep's. Try ebay see if any old ep on there.
  6. Hi there, I have the same scope and the same problem, dont despair! You have the original 25 and 15mm ep's and 3 times barlow? If so you should be able to use any new ep with the the barlow and they work fine. I have the standard ep's plus a 12mm celestron lx so I get 32x, 54x, 96x, 162x and 200x (with 12mm celestron plus 3 times barlow) that gives a good enough range for me.
  7. Well venus is just very bright and at the moment a crescent shape, not sure what you expect to see.
  8. Managed to get a very quick look at Saturn tonight before clouds came in again. Its still lowdown at 10pm and hiding behind my shed! But still git a good view in my Tal1 with 12mm x3 barlow. Thats about 200x I think. Mars with same scope was poor tonight though.
  9. Polaris is always visible and it sounds as if you have found it. Follow the two top stars of Ursa Major in a line to the left and you will see Polaris. Its not a very bright star but you should be able to make it out. Have you downloaded Stellarium?
  10. I have a 127 mak and just a standard 2xbarlow. Last night I tried using a 8mm bst ep plus the barlow on Mars and Saturn and found it to be too high a magnification. So I changed to a 12mm celestron excel lx, smaller image of course but crisper image. Saturn was still very low down amongst the lp but could still see some very faint banding and one moon. On Mars there was some faint markings and ice cap. I looked at Jupiter with my Tal1 refector with similar results, low mag crisp image, high mag fuzzy image. Its a trade off. Even on the moon last night as soon as you up the mag too high you get a blurry image, like looking through water.
  11. Well Mars to me last night was a disappointment. It was very bright and had the four light bars showing like a star. I could see surface markings, not sure about ice cap. I should have tried a filter to cut down the glare. Saturn was still very low and in a lp area for me, but could see some banding. Apart from orion I didnt see any dso's but thats down to me still not knowing where to look. I do have stellarium!
  12. I have a 150 dob and 127 mak and the highest ep I would use is 8mm plus a 2x barlow. Anymore than this will give a dimmer view and a small fov and a fuzzy image. My 8mm is a BST explorer which has a good fov and large exit pupil and at £47 post free is good value.
  13. Rubbish here in Wednesbury, West Midlands, but good views of Mars and Saturn. Odd because lots of lp and Saturn very lowdown, sky almost orange. Also saw m13, just a fuzzy blob but first after m42 and plaides. Hardly any stars visible.
  14. Same here in the midlands, very few stars on view but good view of Mars! Plenty of surface marks. Also just looked at Saturn, very low down and so much lp but lovely view. Also got to see my first m,m3. Just a faint fuzzy patch but still pleased to see other than Orion and plaides.
  15. I have the same scope and when I tested it with a laser it was miles out. No matter hiw I tried I couldnt loosen the screws holding the secondary mirror, I ended up twisting the spiders slightly! In the end I used a cap and adjusted the primary the best I could to line everything up. i am sure its not perfect, but I did a star test and that was ok so I intend to leave well alone. IMO lasers are rubbish and why oh why do they tighten the screws uo so tight?
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