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  1. Hi, I've got Celestron astromaster 114eq and all I've been able to view is the moon since I got it due to the fact I cannot use the red dot finder. Its driving me mad! I was wondering can I attach a finder onto the tube rings as it seems there's holes in both the front and rear ring, are they for this purpose or not? I just don't fancy the idea of drilling into the tube itself. Many thanks in advance as current finder is very disshartening with this being my first scope.
  2. The red dot spotter I got on my scope is really very poor and I'm having great difficulty lining the scope us with anything other than the moon. Could anyone recommend a better one to replace it with.
  3. Right I will do, will not using a image erector make it difficult to star hop around as everything is back to front tho? Or is this the norm to use
  4. Treated myself to a celestron astromaster 114 EQ newtonian scope, and have unpacked it with such excitement. So much bigger than I expected but am very happy with the quality. Not had chance to use it apart from a very quick view of the moon out of a velux window before the cloud came in. Loved what I saw, a lovely crisp image of the creators on the 10x and 20x image erector but any tips of barlows to buy or optic or setup advice? Much appreciated
  5. Hey, just about to purchase a first scope and looking at celestron astromaster 114EQ, good price at £99 and its the right size for me as its compact which was quite important. Is this a good first scope?
  6. Thanks really appreciate your comments, I've found a celestron astromaster 114EQ for £99 new, feelings? Looks compact enough for my needs
  7. What is your honest opinion on on the skywatcher startravel 80 EQ? Or is it too short in focal length to have the benefits of a refractor?
  8. I am now swinging towards a refractor as i want to primarily view planets, but what will the minimum aperture I should look at? It 70mm too small?
  9. Well I actually have a pair of binoculars, 8x40, really good, yeah I agree with what your saying I think ill be looking a back garden and putting in the car upto moor tops maybe not walking with it. I just don't want something so big and bulky, I looked at the travel scope which sky watcher do, the short tubed achromatic refractors. Hopefully going to see them in person ill get a good idea of the size as I've never seen a telescope before.
  10. No I'm swinging towards a newtonian on an eq mount, skywatcher maybe, Its just when I really think about my needs I need it to be portable, as portable as possible so I can walk up to the abby upon the cliff where its dark and get the most out of it. So probably newtonian or possibly (which I have opened a thread on in beginners help section) a refractor, I am unsure if a refractore of 70 to 80mm will meet my needs in the future. I have noticed that the shops are shut now so it just gives me more time to think, think and think about what I need and best suits. Thanks for the advice
  11. Picking my first scope and am still puzzled by the fact that for the same price you can get refractors and reflectors, and the reflectors have some much more aperture. When would you pick the long refractor over bigger aperture?
  12. Perfect, ill pop in tomorrow on my way to seeing the family in halifax as its right on the way. Thanks for that
  13. Merry christmas everyone, right after much patience and deliberation I'm gonna treat myself to a scope, my first, so I'm really wanting to go to a shop in person and pick one. Is there and good scope shops which any of you could suggest to visit with a range of telescopes, ideally some under £200. I live in Whitby north Yorkshire so something within 2 or 3 hours drive ideally. Thanks
  14. I am looking at getting my first scope and after many months reading and learning I'm starting to think that for a budget £200 I should not get a goto. Also i should possible get a dob as many people seem to say ill get more scope for my money than a eq mount as the all the money is going toward the scope. I'm just worried that when I take it out it will have to be really level flat ground, and I won't be able to use on lawn or on a field ect, what are the limits for a dob to be used outside? Thanks
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