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  1. Thank you all for your herlp. Regards Bob
  2. Hi 150mm thanks for your reply regards Bob
  3. Hi All I want to build my own scope. Doe's anyone know where I can get primary and secondary mirrors in the UK? Thanks Bob
  4. Hi quite new to this site. Is this the place to share my views on the Helios Quantum 7.4's? Thanks Bob:eek:
  5. astrobob0

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    Many thanks to you all for making me feel welcome:)
  6. astrobob0

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    :downtown::bino2:Hi all Just a quick line to say hi from Salisbury, polluted night skies but a great cathedral and stonehenge minutes away. I enjoy the theoretical side of astronomy more than observing mainly due to light pollution, but seriously considering investing in some mega Helios bins. Hope you all have a great Christmas. Astrobob0
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