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  1. Thank you all for the advice. I followed your suggestion Scorpius and it worked very well. I removed the wooden sides to the box using a string handle and once they were removed just back filled the gap. Once again thank you.
  2. Thank you for your advice :-) I am just mixing the concrete up now. Many thanks
  3. My apologies for displaying my shattering ignorance before you all. I have dug out a square hole in my garden 50cm x 50cm x 50cm and constructed a simple wooden former of these dimensions to line the hole and fill with concrete. I have an Altair Pier that I hope to eventually fasten to this concrete pad. I have a plywood template 50cm x 50cm with the 4 threaded rods going through it and plan to pour the concrete tomorrow. I am a little bit puzzled as the instructions seem to infer that this wooden template with the rods in actually pushes down onto the top of the wet concrete which I will then have to make sure is flat. Presumably I have to leave this in place while the concrete with rods in harden off. The photo shows the box and the template ready for the concrete. Please be gentle as I am completely ignorant about such matters however it seems counter intuitive to leave the wooden template lying on the concrete while it sets. Surely this will somehow need to be removed when the time comes to put the pier on the concrete to bolt it down onto the rods. As the concrete is not self leveling is the wooden template used to lay the spirit level on and ensure it is flat? Perhaps somebody who is experienced in this matter could point me in the right direction before I make a horrible mistake.... Many thanks for your time and any help would be very gratefully received. Regards
  4. I had a 450D but it was useless for AP as every 3 or 4 frames it would introduce some weird artifact. I bought a second hand modded 350D from my astro club and I have never looked back
  5. I purchased an EdgeHD 9.25 just over a year ago. In my opinion it is a wonderful telescope and has really inspired my love of astronomy. I am very much a beginner to astrophotography but I am astonished at some of the photos this thing has produced for me
  6. woahh...brave man !! I actually got it second hand but I believe it has the Baader filter inserted
  7. My apologies, it is a Canon 350D with the AP mod and I just have an Astronomik CLS filter in place.
  8. Hello all This is my first proper DSO taken with the GT since I got it around christmas. It was built from 16 x 4 min subs, 5 darks, 11 flats and 11 bias frames, stacked in DSS and tweaked in PS. My CGEM was guided using my main telescope ( Celestron EdgeHD 9.25" ) with a QHY5 and PHD. I am pretty new to all this and it is my first attempt at such a large object. It was taken 18/03/12. There is a colour gradient in the bottom left of the image which I put down to a street light about 40 yards away, however looking at some of the other Rosette images posted on here they appear to exhibit a similar tinge. I wondered if anyone could explain what this is caused by .......... other than clumsy processing Anyway, thank you for looking
  9. I was also one of the amateurs in the field at the "star party" on Monday and agree fully with Starstrike's comments about how well the BBC looked after us and ran the operation. It was also pretty cool to get a "behind the scenes" view of it all and see some of the monster equipment they use to broadcast these type of events......some of the OB trailer units were huge I got chatting to one of the producers after the show and apparently the "star party" stuff was cut short in places due to time constraints, however in my opinion it was such a small part of the whole event it mattered little, the two interviews they did use got the message across. We could not have wished for a better night in terms of weather, in practice the only down side was the field. This was shall we say "soggy" which meant tripod legs were slowly sinking into the mud during the 3 hours we were out there and made tracking something of a challenge I think the BBC did a very good job with this years programs helping to spread the word......
  10. This is my second post so please be gentle I just finished building an EL panel for making flats and stuck it up on my blog. I am not sure what the protocol is here and my sincerest apologies if I offend or violate any one or any rule. I hunted around for ages trying to find a step by step guide to no avail so here is my "blue Peter" contraption. digitalrust.co.uk - DIY electroluminescent panel for creating astrophotography flat frames Regards Ched
  11. aww....thanks for the kind welcome maybe I will gather the courage to post an image......
  12. Hello to you all at SGL I have been trying astrophotography for a couple of years and endured the almost vertical learning curve associated with this endeavor. I live in the U.K ( West Midlands ) not far from the M6 and both neighbors have security lights. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and thank you, the amount I have learnt from the forum over the past 2 weeks is astonishing !! I have a 9.25" EdgeHD / CGEM combo and a C106 for guiding. I just built a diy EL panel from duct tape and cardboard but need some cloud free skies to see if it works Regards Ched
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