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  1. Hi i have a 8" Dob and was wondering will i see the horsehead nebula through it ? Many thanks for all answers & comments
  2. Dazraz


    great picture !
  3. Im saying hoooray because my 8" Dob has finally got its own place in the house - it took a few months but it finally has its own place now under the stairs. Do you think i will be pushing my luck if i stick some great planet pictures i have on the wall around it lol ?
  4. Not much going on then - did you finally get home ?
  5. Chucked it in as skies clouded over - oh well now on to saturn !!!
  6. if my calculations are correct that should be Callisto
  7. yep jupiter is great there should be 4 of moons around jupiter not sure how many you can see tonight as i havn't hooked on to jupiter yet
  8. Im just on that tip so fingers crossed - thats a good satallite website thanks
  9. oh yes saturn is next in my sights i will bed down and try and catch it early morning with a wake up call
  10. clear skies at last whooo hooo im out tonight !!!!
  11. Hi does anyone know when saturn will be in view ? Regards Daren
  12. oh yes jupiter is just awsome i have to agree and when you imagine how big that planet is its just mind blowing !!
  13. Just a quickie i just got to say this Orion last night at around 2.45am looked awsome !!!
  14. its pictures like this that give us a real insight in to what it look like up there - brilliant !
  15. Glad to hear things improve with age i thought it was thje other way round lol !!!
  16. Im hoping that my stellerium calculations are correct and that orion is visible tonight at 12 oclock ? Regards Daren
  17. Hi is it true that if i wrap a blanket around my 8" dob it will help prevent dew ? Regards Daren
  18. I must agree that as a beginner in this subject this website is like a mothering hand to me - BIG thanks to all those people who have helped me A+
  19. Probably a silly question but what is the black thing over the end of the scope ?
  20. The Tal Barlow it is then - santa did you hear that ? Also trying to talk the lady of the house in to one of these - anyone know if they are any good http://firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=CelestronEPkit
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