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  1. your goning to love jupiter and surrounding moons
  2. I shall remember that thankyou:icon_salut:
  3. I have been stagazing for a year now and jupiter just makes me happy i love all her surrounding moons here is a nikon camera looking down my 8" looking at jupiter last year link below http://www.facebook.com/DjInthepink?v=app_2392950137#!/video/video.php?v=236714480135 i hope you both catch her she is well worth a look good luck Regards
  4. according to stellerium i got it coming up around 4.30 not sure if its visable though maybe someone from the forum can help us please ?
  5. Just looking at my stellerium and noticed jupiter rising early dawn - great cant wait to see her again
  6. Dazraz

    The garden

  7. yes the kids were amazed - clear skies im off out
  8. Had a great night tonight i was able to show the kids Saturn,mars,and venus all in one night well happy to see venus for the first time also - thanks mr clear sky
  9. Yes paul i totally agree some mornings can be breathtaking
  10. When you say spectrum what do you mean ? sorry im a newbie
  11. April 30, 2010 Arcturus, which is the third-brightest star in the night sky, is high in the east at nightfall and high in the west at first light tomorrow. The light from Arcturus that reaches your eye tonight has been traveling through space since 1973. AMAZING !
  12. Hi can anyone tell me when jupiter will be in our skies im in uk southeast cheers
  13. Hi i have a 8" dob and want to change the mount so i can get goto of some sort - can anyone show me the cheapest way to do it i can stretch to about £300 but thats at a stretch many thanks links are welcome
  14. Southeast kent looking good for tonight according to satelite http://www.sat24.com/gb
  15. Hi watched a episode of sky at night today and the bloke on there was saying that a reflector telescope is no good to observe the sun - is this true i have a 8" dob ?
  16. Yes i totally agree i thought it was going to be hard at first but now i just guide the scope and follow
  17. Hi try getting a program called stellerium its free and will show you whats up there in real time hope this helps http://www.stellarium.org/
  18. After reading a few pages in march's edition of sky at night i jumped out to get a few hours with saturn and she looked just perfect other planets i saw around her was Titan and Rhea i think. I was quite amazed actually as i thought my telescopes was going to be out of allignment, but once again i escaped it but my new years wish was to learn allignament so that i will Regards Daz
  19. Not sure but the 03 version just crashed all the time for me
  20. Hi dont know about you but the 03 version of stellerium just crashed all the time for me i thought i was going mad - now a 04 version and all is fixed hmmmmmmmmmmm ! Thanks stellerium
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