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  1. Hi can someone tell me the name of the package where you get the webcam and software i think its about £70 to buy Many thanks Daz
  2. hi is the object being tracked or are you moving telescope yourself ?
  3. Hi last week cant remember what date but it was early morning i looked at stellerium and it pointed out venus so i took this picture and am not sure - around that time someone on here was saying about venus having a arc of light or something like that and when i looked at this object through binos it did seem to have a arc of light over it . Please can some tell me if this is venus or i have just seen something else - i do hope i have made sense picture link : http://stargazerslounge.com/members/dazraz-albums-bits-n-bobs-picture8587-a.jpg Regards
  4. damn i thought i was on to something there - i had the same thing happen to me me with those chinese lanterns lol
  5. I think i have to agree as i have just been sent other pictures and i am quite sure i can see the small dot again Many thanks for clearing this up for me
  6. Hi a friend of mine was walking this morning in kent uk about 8.30am and took this picture - i cant explain what it is as i have looked at stellerium and the moon wasnt up and im pretty sure saturn is not that visible with the naked eye. Can anyone tell me if i have made a mistake with stellerium and that it was the moon or does anyone have any ideas ? Regards picture can be found at link below http://stargazerslounge.com/members/dazraz-albums-garden-picture8274-strange-object.jpg
  7. i should of checked stellerium - yes it is up now many thanks
  8. Hi all hope everyone is nice and cold as we brave the onset of winter lol Can someone please tell me when orion will be back in our sky again ? Regards
  9. Hi thats the way i see jupiter and saturn is just stunning i have a 8 inch dob hope this helps
  10. I have seen Uranus this year as a very small disc shaped and very light blue.
  11. Hi can anyone tell me if i will be able to see uranus with a 8" dob ? Regards
  12. Have to thank mr cloud last night for giving me a nice clear session - jupiter looking great as usual a lot better than when i last saw it - hope clouds hold back tonight - have definatlty noticed that seeing gets better the more you do it Tried looking for Uranus with Bino's but nothing - will try with Dob tonight as long as weather ok
  13. Hi i have looked at stellerium and seen that Uranus is very close to jupiter - i cant setup tonight as i am out but can anyone tell me if i will be able to see uranus and its moons through a 8" dobsonian ? Regards
  14. Worked ok for me looks like im on my own apart from 1 - hello anyone out there ? Great idea thankyou
  15. Devon is great i use to live in somerton not far from glastonbury
  16. Hi all I been finding it very misty and muggy up there at moment - is this due to heat etc ? Regards
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