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  1. You can do this on stellarium, just select a planet and press ctrl + G
  2. I saw this when looking through my scope, caught me by surprise
  3. Going to have my first go at seeing m31
  4. khanacademy's Channel - YouTube Watch all the videos up to Intergalactic scale.
  5. NASA are currently building the orion spacecraft which will take men to mars and asteroids, they have no ambitions to land on the moon again, dont blame them. SLS rocket is meant to be finished by 2017 so if all goes to plan, we will be seeing men walking on mars in about 10 years time.
  6. never i may have seen it before and not noticed, only recently got into astronomy .
  7. Thanks for the comments guys, think i'll be going for the 8mm bst.
  8. yes i can see jupiter well with the 10mm, but would like a greater magnification, and yes i was looking at the 8mm, i've read that the skywatcher ep's are not that good so was thinking a new ep would do better than getting a barlow.
  9. Hey guys, I've been using my 200p dob for a weeks now and would like some ideas on a new eyepiece, mainly for planets. I cant see much of Jupiter in the supplied 10mm and would like to see more detail, what size ep should i go for? I've been having a look at the bst explorer's and the TMB planetary's and they seem quite good. All comments welcome
  10. Thanks for the welcome guys, got the scope today and its massive
  11. Its crazy, with the money spent on pointless (imo) wars, we could have gone to mars, built a small base and still have plenty of money left. don't want to get too political about this, but i do get really angry when money gets put in the wrong places.
  12. I've seen these a couple times before and had no idea what they were, it must be horrible having them in your vision 24/7.
  13. I have been lurking this forum for a few weeks now, and i can honestly say this is the most polite and helpful forum i have ever visited. After reading many threads and posts i have bought my first telescope, a skywatcher 200p dob. Thank you for helping me getting started in astronomy.
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