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  1. Thanks for the welcome! But nobody believes I can't see Jupiter's moons? Am I supposed to be able to see them in any set of binoculars? I really really can't, I've held them completely still and observed over several nights. It's just a white pin-***** dot. EDIT: That wasn't a swear! I don't know why it censored the word pin-*****. Erm... how can I prove I'm not swearing, it's the word that means a little pin stab. That's how small Jupiter looks in the binos.
  2. I have only been here a few hours since just last night and I can already tell that this is a place where I might like to stick around. I have been finding it all very daunting before I found this site and the forums here are really helpful especially for complete beginners. There's lots of info and links to info that is helpful and relevant to people like myself. I haven't had much success recently finding help for getting started until I came here. Not only that but I love the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly, helpful attitude that is encouraged on this site. And I do agree with the no politics/religion one a lot, two topics that probably cause the most arguments on the internet. There's a time and place for these discussions and I don't think it's sites such as this one, I don't know why more specialist sites don't ban the topics. I often end up leaving forums because people start getting nasty about that kind of stuff even when you're not directly involved in the conversation. It's just a shame to see rifts form between people (including friends or people you respected) over these topics and it makes you not want to stick around. Don't get me wrong I like to talk about religion but I keep it to relevant religion sites and forums.
  3. Lol I wish, they're not that powerful though. Jupiter is still just a small white dot with these binos. Can't see its moons. But I have changed my mind about getting a telescope, I'm thinking of simply getting a better pair of binoculars and perhaps a mount for them, for now anyway until I develop a better understanding of star-gazing equipment. I don't think I'm quite ready for telescopes, all these specifications and focal lingo just goes way over my head. The binoculars serve me well, if only they were just a little more powerful. For 20 quid though, not bad at all! (and to think they were originally intended for watching relatively close up objects like birds) Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I have no idea why I posted such a long intro. I should have put a tl;dr. AAAAAH Iit's midnight! I never stay up this late! Gotta go!
  5. Actually I know why I'm here. Telescopes. I don't have a clue about them. Yeah, I am not just 'new' to star-gazing and astronomy. I'm not even beginner enough to be considered a beginner. I'm like at that stage before beginner when you're just developing an interest but you're not sure if you're going to get into it or not. Actually I've been into it since I was a child but stuff happens and you know... I think it was that time when I was around 10 or 11 after night after night of attempts I finally got a view of Mars in my old telescope (the one I lost all the pieces for about 10 years ago when we moved house) and for some reason I freaked out. I never wanted to go near the telescope ever again and I didn't go near it ever again. I don't know why it frightened me, it was just such a clear image (not really, but way better than I could have hoped for)! And something about that scared me. I don't know why. I had been so excited to see Mars and then when I finally did it gave me nightmares about stars, moons and planets for years (yes, years). Anyway, telescopes. Funny true story, my grandma said she bought me a telescope as a gift because she saw it going cheap. At first I was excited and grateful (don't get me wrong I still am grateful for her good intention) but then it quickly came to the realisation that this telescope was nothing more than a child's toy. I mean it looks the part on the outside to the untrained eye (such as my own, lol) but 2 hours of trying to get it to focus on anything and I just give up. My grandma was disappointed too. Says she's going to take it back to the shop and ask for a refund. We followed the instructions exactly but... it's cheap rubbish that was probably never intended to be used as anything more than a toy. It wobbles REALLY bad. One of the pieces was slightly broken when I took it out the box (must've taken a knock or simply wasn't assembled properly and now it's squint and rattles and is impossible to look through). You can't even secure the telescope in position properly. My cheap as chips binoculars from Tesco (I think they were like under £20... not reduced) gives me better images. And I can hold them steadier too! AND I get clearer images through them. I tried to see the moon through this new telescope and oh how depressing, ghost images to either side and very limited clarity no matter how much you tweak it or reduce the magnification or anything. It's much prettier through the binos. I can even see the Orion Nebula a little bit in the binos which just blew me away it was so pretty! I've seen high resolution images of it on the computer but it doesn't compare to seeing it in real life, even if it is just a fuzzy blotch. We can't see it with the naked eye here because there's too much light pollution. Oh goodness I'm rambling and digressing. And there is something about those eyepieces in that rubbish telescope that hurts my eyes. I don't know if it's just because I can't get the silly thing to stay still or what. Gah, someone stop me rambling! Ok, I'm finished now! Will probably pop round the beginner's section next. Hope to see you all around, if I stay, hopefully. tl;dr: I saw Mars as a kid and developed a decade long phobia of anything astronomical. Now I'm starting to like the stars again. Gran bought cheap rubbish telescope, good intentions. Now I think my £20 binoculars aren't so bad any more.
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